Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Henry Voris Carlisle.Henry married Olive Branch Lee on 23 Sep 1875.

Olive Branch Lee [Parents] was born in 1852. She died on 31 Mar 1928. She married Henry Voris Carlisle on 23 Sep 1875.

They had the following children:

  M i Levi Lee Carlisle
  M ii John G Carlisle
  F iii Lenora Carlisle
  F iv Nettie Maud Carlisle was born on 10 Jun 1883. She died on 4 May 1888.

Levi Lee Carlisle [Parents].Levi married Living.


John G Carlisle [Parents].John married Living.



Lenora Carlisle [Parents].Lenora married Living.

John Banos.John married Ara Conger.

Ara Conger [Parents] was born about 1790. She married John Banos.


D B Kendall.D married Jane M Lee.

Jane M Lee [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1819. She died on 18 Jan 1837. She married D B Kendall.

P Emerson.P married Elizabeth Lee.

Elizabeth Lee [Parents] was born on 7 Mar 1820. She died on 17 Jan 1856. She married P Emerson.

William Lee [Parents] was born on 24 Apr 1823. He died on 14 Dec 1877. He married B Singer.

B Singer.B married William Lee.

Theodoer Pickett.Theodoer married Mary Ann Lee on 17 Mar 1843.

Mary Ann Lee [Parents] was born on 21 Mar 1827. She died on 21 Mar 1911. She married Theodoer Pickett on 17 Mar 1843.

George Grissman Lee [Parents] was born on 12 Dec 1829. He died on 24 May 1919 in Madison, IN. He married Julia Ann Prather on 4 Nov 1863.


Julia Ann Prather.Julia married George Grissman Lee on 4 Nov 1863.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Lee was born on 5 Feb 1864. He died on 14 Oct 1865.
  M ii William Prather Lee
  F iii Catherine VanPelt Lee
  M iv George Field Lee was born on 26 Jun 1869. He died on 27 Jan 1886.
  F v Elizabeth Lee was born on 4 Feb 1871. [Notes]
  F vi Adelia Adaline Lee
  M vii Jonas Chrisman Lee
  M viii James Thomas Lee
  F ix Julie Ann Lee
  F x Alice Duncan Lee was born on 9 Jan 1883. She died on 17 Apr 1884.

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