Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Seth Harris Leach [Parents] was born on 16 Feb 1798. He died on 30 Jun 1845. He married Libby.

Libby.Libby married Seth Harris Leach.

John Richardson Leach [Parents] was born on 8 Jan 1806. He married Eliza Stone.

Eliza Stone.Eliza married John Richardson Leach.

Samuel Warren.Samuel married Hepsibeth Keith Leach.

Hepsibeth Keith Leach [Parents] was born on 3 Jul 1809. She died on 12 Apr 1838 in Gardiner, Kennebec, Maine. She married Samuel Warren.

Benjamin Franklin Leach [Parents] was born on 16 Dec 1811. He married Rhonda Nevins.

Rhonda Nevins.Rhonda married Benjamin Franklin Leach.

Columbus Cooper.Columbus married Lois Starr Leach.

Lois Starr Leach [Parents] was born on 3 Jun 1814. She died on 8 Jun 1844 in Robbinston, Maine. She married Columbus Cooper.

Libeus Leach died on 19 Oct 1816. He married Margaret Starr on 31 Aug 1791.

Margaret Starr [Parents] was born on 8 Jan 1772. She died on 30 Jun 1862. She married Libeus Leach on 31 Aug 1791.

They had the following children:

  M i Royal Everett Leach
  F ii Fanny Leach
  F iii Charlotte Leach
  M iv Robert Starr Leach
  M v William Ansel Leach was born on 18 Jun 1804. He died on 17 Jun 1843 in Wilton, Franklin, Maine.
  M vi Melvin Palentine Leach was born on 2 Jun 1806.
  F vii Mary Starr Leach
  M viii Jasper Leach was born on 15 Jun 1811. He died on 13 Apr 1813.
  F ix Roxey Linnette Leach was born on 7 Mar 1814.

Royal Everett Leach [Parents] was born on 11 Mar 1793. He died on 12 Jan 1826 in Jay, Franklin, Maine. He married Beulah Rowell on 12 Apr 1817.

Beulah Rowell.Beulah married Royal Everett Leach on 12 Apr 1817.

Freeman Smyth Captain died on 6 Jun 1825 in New Orleans, St Charles, LA. He married Fanny Leach on 3 Jun 1821.

Fanny Leach [Parents] was born on 13 Nov 1794. She died on 30 Mar 1864 in Worcester, MA. She married Freeman Smyth Captain on 3 Jun 1821.

Joshua Atkins.Joshua married Charlotte Leach on 6 Aug 1818.

Charlotte Leach [Parents] was born on 10 Jan 1797. She died on 4 Apr 1823. She married Joshua Atkins on 6 Aug 1818.

Robert Starr Leach [Parents] was born on 12 Apr 1799. He died on 22 Nov 1826 in Portland, Maine. He married Nancy Delano on 5 Jun 1824.

Nancy Delano.Nancy married Robert Starr Leach on 5 Jun 1824.

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