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Nathaniel Allen [Parents] was born in 1672. He married Bethiah Conant.

Other marriages:
, Abigail or Mary

Bethiah Conant.Bethiah married Nathaniel Allen.

Nathaniel Allen [Parents] was born in 1672. He married Abigail or Mary.

Other marriages:
Conant, Bethiah

Abigail or Mary.Abigail married Nathaniel Allen.

Ebenezer Allen [Parents] was born in 1674. He died in 1730. He married Rebecca Scate in 1698.

Rebecca Scate.Rebecca married Ebenezer Allen in 1698.

Josiah Allen [Parents] was born in 1677. He married Mary Reed in 1707.

Mary Reed.Mary married Josiah Allen in 1707.

Elisha Allen [Parents] was born in 1679. He married Mehitable Byram in 1701.

Mehitable Byram.Mehitable married Elisha Allen in 1701.

Nehemiah Allen [Parents] was born in 1681. He married Sarah Wormel in 1707.

Sarah Wormel.Sarah married Nehemiah Allen in 1707.

Joseph Allen [Parents] was born on 18 Oct 1686. He died in 1750. He married Jane Turner in 1728.

Jane Turner.Jane married Joseph Allen in 1728.


Timothy Allen [Parents] was born on 22 Feb 1691. He died on 23 May 1753 in Mansfield, Bristol Co, MA. He married Rachel Bushnell on 11 Oct 1714.


Rachel Bushnell was born on 27 Oct 1692. She died after 23 May 1753. She married Timothy Allen on 11 Oct 1714.


They had the following children:

  M i Timothy Allen was born on 31 Aug 1715. He died on 12 Jan 1806. [Notes]
  M ii Daniel Allen was born on 2 Aug 1717.
  F iii Rachel Allen was born on 10 Jun 1719.
  F iv Rebecca Allen
  M v Seth Allen was born on 26 Nov 1723.
  M vi Ebenezer Allen was born on 4 Mar 1726.
  F vii Thankful Allen
  M viii Hezekiah Allen was born on 23 Aug 1729.
  M ix Phinehas Allen

Bushnell. married Mehitable Allen.

Mehitable Allen [Parents] was born in 1695. She married Bushnell.

Benjamin Allen [Parents] was born on 6 Aug 1702. He married Mehitable Cary in 1730.


Mehitable Cary.Mehitable married Benjamin Allen in 1730.

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