Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Eliakim Peck.Eliakim married Polly Starr.

Polly Starr [Parents] was born in 1768. She married Eliakim Peck.

Ezra Gregory.Ezra married Lucy Starr.

Lucy Starr [Parents] was born in 1770. She married Ezra Gregory.

Caleb Starr [Parents] was born in 1774. He married Huldah Booth.

Huldah Booth was born in of Newtown, CT. She married Caleb Starr.

Ebenezer Dibble Starr [Parents] was born in 1776. He married Betsey Andrews.

Betsey Andrews.Betsey married Ebenezer Dibble Starr.

They had the following children:

  F i Lucy Andrews
  F ii Julia Ann Andrews
  M iii Samuel G Andrews


Lucy Andrews [Parents].Lucy married Living.

Frederick S Wildman.Frederick married Julia Ann Andrews in 1827.

Julia Ann Andrews [Parents] was born in 1807. She married Frederick S Wildman in 1827.

Samuel G Andrews [Parents].Samuel married Living.


Eli Starr [Parents] was born in 1781. He married Lucy Backus Lyon.

Other marriages:
Wright, Sarah Lyon

Lucy Backus Lyon.Lucy married Eli Starr.

Eli Starr [Parents] was born in 1781. He married Sarah Lyon Wright.

Other marriages:
Lyon, Lucy Backus

Sarah Lyon Wright.Sarah married Eli Starr.

Samuel Gregory Starr [Parents] was born on 19 Jul 1785. He died in Oct 1827 in Augusta, GA. He married Maria White in 1816.

Maria White was born on 18 Mar 1789 in of Danbury, Fairfield Co, CT. She died on 1 Nov 1817 in Augusta, GA. She married Samuel Gregory Starr in 1816.

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