Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Moses Brewer [Parents] was born on 26 Mar 1728. He married Elizabeth Davis.


Elizabeth Davis.Elizabeth married Moses Brewer.

Edmund Towne.Edmund married Abigail Brewer on 16 Jan 1755.

Abigail Brewer [Parents] was christened on 29 Mar 1724. She married Edmund Towne on 16 Jan 1755.


Josiah Winch.Josiah married Mary Moulton.

Mary Moulton.Mary married Josiah Winch.

They had the following children:

  F i Sally Winch

Daniel Ball [Parents] was born on 29 Dec 1722. He married Patience Gleason on 25 Aug 1748.


Patience Gleason.Patience married Daniel Ball on 25 Aug 1748.

Simeon Mellen Jr.Simeon married Abigail Ball on 27 Apr 1742.

Abigail Ball [Parents] was born on 16 Feb 1720. She married Simeon Mellen Jr on 27 Apr 1742.


William Wright.William married Mary Ball on 22 Jan 1738.

Mary Ball [Parents] was born on 11 Feb 1717. She married William Wright on 22 Jan 1738.


Thomas Ball [Parents] was born on 16 Aug 1714. He married Hannah Wright on 17 Feb 1739/1740.


Hannah Wright.Hannah married Thomas Ball on 17 Feb 1739/1740.

Jedediah Belknap [Parents] was born on 4 Nov 1709 in Framingham, MA. He married Deborah Streeter.

Deborah Streeter.Deborah married Jedediah Belknap.

They had the following children:

  F i Deborah Belknap

Isaac Ball [Parents].Isaac married Living.



John Ball [Parents] was born on 16 Jul 1706. He married Margaret Hemenway in 1734.


Margaret Hemenway.Margaret married John Ball in 1734.

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