Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Uriah Bartlett [Parents] was born on 5 Oct 1802. He married Beulah Hastings.

Beulah Hastings.Beulah married Uriah Bartlett.

Caleb H Warren.Caleb married Elizabeth Howe Bartlett on 11 Sep 1832.

Elizabeth Howe Bartlett [Parents] was born on 19 Mar 1810. She married Caleb H Warren on 11 Sep 1832.

William Maynard.William married Thankful Rice Bartlett on 3 Sep 1833.

Thankful Rice Bartlett [Parents] was born on 19 Mar 1810. She married William Maynard on 3 Sep 1833.

Edmund Parmenter [Parents] was born on 1 Feb 1791. He married Polly Wheelock in Mar 1813.

Polly Wheelock.Polly married Edmund Parmenter in Mar 1813.

Asa Parmenter.Asa married Zerdiah Fay on 31 Oct 1790.

Zerdiah Fay [Parents] was born on 5 Dec 1774. She died on 6 Mar 1825. She married Asa Parmenter on 31 Oct 1790.


They had the following children:

  M i Edmund Parmenter
  M ii Abraham Fay Parmenter was born on 18 Jun 1794. He died on 3 Dec 1796.
  F iii Sarah Parmenter was born on 18 Dec 1797. She died on 30 Jun 1814.
  M iv Joel Parmenter 2nd
  F v Susannah Parmenter
  F vi Zerviah Parmenter
  F vii Monis Parmenter was born on 21 Apr 1810. She died on 2 Oct 1811.
  F viii Zilpah Parmenter was born on 25 Feb 1812.
  F ix Arthusa Fay Parmenter was born on 18 Feb 1819. She died on 14 Oct 1819.

Joel Parmenter 2nd [Parents] was born on 20 Apr 1800. He married Henrietta Luther in Apr 1822.

Henrietta Luther.Henrietta married Joel Parmenter 2nd in Apr 1822.

Abner Dalrymph.Abner married Susannah Parmenter in Apr 1822.

Susannah Parmenter [Parents] was born on 4 May 1803. She married Abner Dalrymph in Apr 1822.

David Blackmer.David married Zerviah Parmenter in May 1826.

Zerviah Parmenter [Parents] was born on 4 Jul 1805. She married David Blackmer in May 1826.

James L Riley was born on 19 Dec 1824. He married Mary Ann Rice on 21 Sep 1848.

Mary Ann Rice [Parents] was born in 1830 in IL. She married James L Riley on 21 Sep 1848.

Richard M Johnson was born on 14 Jul 1828. He died on 10 Oct 1898. He married Elizabeth J Rice on 28 Jan 1847.

Elizabeth J Rice [Parents] was born on 28 Mar 1829 in White Co, IL. She died on 18 Jul 1908. She married Richard M Johnson on 28 Jan 1847.

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