Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Thomas Lyon.Thomas married Catharine Maria Ward Baldwin on 1 May 1838.

Catharine Maria Ward Baldwin [Parents] was born on 6 Jan 1818 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA. She married Thomas Lyon on 1 May 1838.

Henry Lalter Baldwin [Parents] was born on 25 Jan 1820 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA. He married Louisa B Nourse on 14 Jun 1849.

Louisa B Nourse.Louisa married Henry Lalter Baldwin on 14 Jun 1849.

Henry B Gill [Parents] was born about 1816. He married Mary Jane Sargent on 7 Jun 1845.

Mary Jane Sargent.Mary married Henry B Gill on 7 Jun 1845.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Arthur Gill was born on 23 Apr 1849.

Henry Lyman James [Parents] was born on 13 Feb 1829. He married Maria Louise Simpson on 31 May 1860.

Maria Louise Simpson.Maria married Henry Lyman James on 31 May 1860.

Lyman Dwight James [Parents].Lyman married Helen Elizabeth Field on 10 Feb 1858.

Helen Elizabeth Field was born on 26 Feb 1837. She married Lyman Dwight James on 10 Feb 1858.

Wiley Reynolds.Wiley married Mattie Dwight James.

Mattie Dwight James [Parents] was born on 23 Nov 1838. She married Wiley Reynolds.

William Richards.William married Mary Frances James.

Mary Frances James [Parents] was born on 1 Nov 1840. She married William Richards.

Otis Wallace.Otis married Martha James Dwight on 12 Oct 1856.

Martha James Dwight [Parents] was born on 10 Apr 1835. She died in 1866 in Iowa. She married Otis Wallace on 12 Oct 1856.

Calvin Luther Hawes was born on 23 Feb 1818 in Northborough, MA. He married Martha Olivia Tucker on 6 Jul 1857.

Martha Olivia Tucker [Parents] was born on 9 Feb 1837. She married Calvin Luther Hawes on 6 Jul 1857.

Marcus Franklin Robinson was born on 2 Jul 1834 in Hardwick, MA. He married Mary Aramilla Tucker on 30 Dec 1863.

Mary Aramilla Tucker [Parents] was born on 8 Dec 1843 in Belchertown, MA. She married Marcus Franklin Robinson on 30 Dec 1863.

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