Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

George McClellan Staples Dr.George married Abbie Croswell Phillips.

Abbie Croswell Phillips.Abbie married George McClellan Staples Dr.

They had the following children:

  F i Abbie Estella Staples

Col William Munroe was born in 1771. He married Rebecca Eager.

Rebecca Eager [Parents].Rebecca married Col William Munroe.

Col William Eager [Parents] was born about 1771. He died on 20 Jul 1837 in Northborough, MA. He married Persis Fay on 9 Sep 1794.


Persis Fay [Parents] was born on 11 Dec 1768 in Northborough, MA. She died on 5 Aug 1814 in Northborough, MA. She married Col William Eager on 9 Sep 1794.

They had the following children:

  F i Rebecca Eager

Phineas Heywood Jr [Parents] was born on 29 Jul 1744 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA. He died on 29 Apr 1821. He married Persis Eager on 18 Mar 1777.

Other marriages:
Snow, Keziah


Persis Eager [Parents] was born on 29 Jun 1747 in Northborough, MA. She died on 16 Aug 1801. She married Phineas Heywood Jr on 18 Mar 1777.

They had the following children:

  M i Keziah Heywood was born on 21 Sep 1773.
  F ii Persis Heywood was born on 25 Jul 1784.

Charles Goulding Rice [Parents] was born in Nov 1799. He married Maria Blake in 1826.

Maria Blake.Maria married Charles Goulding Rice in 1826.

William Rice [Parents] was born on 25 Nov 1780 in Petersham, MA. He died in 1848 in Hartford, CT. He married Martha Goulding on 22 Sep 1799.


Martha Goulding [Parents] was born in 1777. She died about 1843. She married William Rice on 22 Sep 1799.


They had the following children:

  M i Charles Goulding Rice
  M ii William R Rice was born on 31 Oct 1801. He died about 1828 in Pawtucket. [Notes]
  M iii George Rice
  M iv Henry Rice was born about 1805. He died in 1831 in Albany, NY. [Notes]
  F v Mary Rice
  F vi Martha Rice was born about 1809. She died in Hartford, CT. [Notes]
  M vii Hezekiah Rice was born about 1811. He died in 1843 in Hartford, CT. [Notes]
  M viii Frederick Rice
  F ix Maria Rice
  M x James Rice was born about 1817. He died about 1837. [Notes]

George Rice [Parents] was born about 1803. He married Nancy Bliss on 22 Feb 1827 in Hartford, CT.

Nancy Bliss.Nancy married George Rice on 22 Feb 1827 in Hartford, CT.

Erastus Robbins died about 1854. He married Mary Rice.

Mary Rice [Parents] was born about 1807. She married Erastus Robbins.

Frederick Rice [Parents] was born about 1813. He married Beach.

Beach. married Frederick Rice.

Obadiah Frary.Obadiah married Maria Rice.

Maria Rice [Parents] was born about 1815. She died in Springfield. She married Obadiah Frary.


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