Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Art Keyes.Art married Mary Goulding in 1834 in Boylston.

Mary Goulding [Parents] was born in 1796. She married Art Keyes in 1834 in Boylston.

Clark Goulding [Parents] was born on 24 Sep 1768 in Worcester, MA. He died on 14 Aug 1829 in Worcester, MA. He married Prudence Rice in Worcester, MA.


Prudence Rice [Parents] was born on 9 Apr 1779 in Petersham, MA. She died in 1849. She married Clark Goulding in Worcester, MA.


They had the following children:

  F i Mary Goulding
  M ii Lewis Goulding
  F iii Abigail Goulding
  F iv Harriet Goulding
  M v Henry Goulding
  M vi Eli Goulding
  M vii Clark Goulding was born in 1805. He died in 1852 in California.
  F viii Lucy Goulding
  M ix Peter Goulding

Lewis Goulding [Parents] was born in 1797. He died in Garland, ME. He married Lucy Adams.

Lucy Adams.Lucy married Lewis Goulding.

Elijah Chaffin.Elijah married Abigail Goulding.

Abigail Goulding [Parents] was born in 1798. She married Elijah Chaffin.

Ebenezer Goulding.Ebenezer married Harriet Goulding on 15 Apr 1841.

Harriet Goulding [Parents] was born in 1800. She married Ebenezer Goulding on 15 Apr 1841.

Henry Goulding [Parents] was born in 1802. He married Sarah Rice on 8 Apr 1829.

Sarah Rice was born on 25 Sep 1808 in Worcester, MA. She married Henry Goulding on 8 Apr 1829.

They had the following children:

  M i Sewall Foster Goulding was born in Worcester, MA. He died on 3 Jun 1840.
  F ii Sarah Rice Goulding was born on 1 Jan 1830 in Worcester, MA.
  M iii William Henry Goulding was born on 23 May 1833 in Worcester, MA.

Eli Goulding [Parents] was born in 1804. He married Martha Alexander.

Martha Alexander.Martha married Eli Goulding.

They had the following children:

  M i Villeroy Augustus Goulding was born on 26 Dec 1834. He died on 20 Mar 1843.
  F ii Henrietta Maria Goulding was born on 2 Oct 1835.
  F iii Jane Catherine Goulding was born on 8 Apr 1838.
  M iv Edward Payson Goulding was born on 4 Aug 1844.
  F v Emma E Goulding was born in Jul 1846. She died on 7 Aug 1846.

Edwin Chapin.Edwin married Lucy Goulding.

Lucy Goulding [Parents] was born in 1807. She married Edwin Chapin.

Peter Goulding [Parents] was born in 1809. He married Melinda Hubbard on 18 May 1843.

Melinda Hubbard.Melinda married Peter Goulding on 18 May 1843.

They had the following children:

  M i Edwin Goulding was born on 3 Apr 1844.
  M ii Marcus Goulding was born on 29 Oct 1847.

Molsby. married Narcissa E Mason.

Narcissa E Mason [Parents] was born in 1813 in Tennessee. She died in Jan 1850 in Saline Co, IL. She married Molsby.

They had the following children:

  M i William A Molsby.
  F ii Martha H Molsby.
  M iii Frederick Molsby was born about 1838 in Illinois.
  M iv Thomas E Molsby was born about 1840 in Illinois.
  M v Christopher C Molsby was born about 1843 in Illinois.
  M vi Cyrus Molsby was born about 1848 in Illinois.

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