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Lester Barber.Lester married Lillie Joan Thompson in Beatrice, NE.

Lillie Joan Thompson [Parents] was born on 20 Oct 1888 in Hollenburg, KA. She married Lester Barber in Beatrice, NE.

They had the following children:

  F i Living
  F ii Living

Clement Hooper was born on 23 Apr 1824 in Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV. He died on 29 Dec 1890 in Alexandria, Athens Co, OH. He married Rhoda Axtell (Twin) on 9 Jan 1845.


Rhoda Axtell (Twin) [Parents] was born on 26 Jul 1829 in Mercer Co, PA. She died on 21 Oct 1881 in Athens Co, OH. She married Clement Hooper on 9 Jan 1845.


They had the following children:

  M i Clement H Hooper.
  M ii George W Hooper.
  M iii Stephen F Hooper.
  F iv Elizabeth Hooper.
  M v Chisley Hooper.
  M vi Nathan Hooper.

Daniel Axtell [Parents] was born on 4 May 1787 in Pennsylvania. He died on 20 Sep 1858 in New Vernon, Mercer Co, PA. He married Euphemia Lynn on 15 Oct 1807.


Euphemia Lynn [Parents] was born in 1788 in New Jersey. She died on 22 Dec 1870 in Pennsylvania. She married Daniel Axtell on 15 Oct 1807.


They had the following children:

  F i Ruth Axtell
  F ii Hannah Axtell
  M iii Alexander Axtell
  F iv Rhoda Axtell
  M v Thomas Axtell
  M vi Eliab Axtell
  M vii George Axtell
  F viii Louise Axtell was born on 5 May 1822. She died on 19 Jun 1855. [Notes]
  F ix Mary L Axtell was born on 2 Nov 1824. She died on 16 Oct 1825.
  F x Martha Axtell was born on 18 Dec 1826. She died on 9 May 1861. [Notes]
  M xi Andrew Axtell
  F xii Loretta B Axtell was born on 17 Jun 1831. She died on 6 Aug 1832.

Alex Linn.Alex married Hannah.

Hannah.Hannah married Alex Linn.

They had the following children:

  F i Euphemia Lynn

John McClure.John married Ruth Axtell on 4 Mar 1830.

Ruth Axtell [Parents] was born on 28 Aug 1808. She died on 30 Nov 1883. She married John McClure on 4 Mar 1830.

Robert McClure.Robert married Hannah Axtell on 15 Nov 1830.

Hannah Axtell [Parents] was born on 4 Dec 1809. She died on 21 Oct 1844. She married Robert McClure on 15 Nov 1830.

Alexander Axtell [Parents] was born on 5 Jul 1811. He died on 8 Nov 1847. He married Jane Gordon on 30 Sep 1834.


Jane Gordon was born on 3 Apr 1811 in Perrysburg, OH. She married Alexander Axtell on 30 Sep 1834.

They had the following children:

  M i Samuel Axtell.
  F ii Parintha Axtell was born on 9 Jun 1837. She died on 8 Jan 1860.
  F iii Euphemia Axtell was born on 5 Jun 1840. She died on 27 Apr 1846.
  F iv Margaret Ann Axtell
  M v John Gordon Axtell
  F vi Martha Jane Axtell

Joseph Boyd.Joseph married Rhoda Axtell in Nov 1836.

Rhoda Axtell [Parents] was born on 30 Mar 1813. She died on 21 Mar 1874. She married Joseph Boyd in Nov 1836.

Thomas Axtell [Parents] was born on 25 Oct 1814. He died on 15 Jan 1852. He married Anna Caldwell in 1842.

Anna Caldwell was born in 1812. She married Thomas Axtell in 1842.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander W Axtell
  F ii Mary Jane Axtell was born in 1845.
  M iii John Lynn Axtell
  M iv Charles Jesse Axtell

Andrew Axtell [Parents] was born on 12 Jul 1828. He married McCartney.


McCartney. married Andrew Axtell.

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