Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

George Morse [Parents] was born on 31 Oct 1813. He married Sophia Proctor on 5 Nov 1835.

Sophia Proctor.Sophia married George Morse on 5 Nov 1835.

John E. Morse [Parents] was born on 12 May 1817. He married Elizabeth Stratton in 1845.

Elizabeth Stratton.Elizabeth married John E. Morse in 1845.

Cushing B. Morse [Parents] was born on 16 Sep 1820. He married Julia Mansell on 24 Nov 1847.

Julia Mansell.Julia married Cushing B. Morse on 24 Nov 1847.

Oscar Gassett.Oscar married Helen Maria Rice on 2 Mar 1845.

Helen Maria Rice [Parents] was born on 27 Jan 1810. She died on 3 Mar 1872. She married Oscar Gassett on 2 Mar 1845.

Abel Fiske Farrar.Abel married Emeline Rice.

Emeline Rice [Parents] was born on 3 Mar 1872. She married Abel Fiske Farrar.

Abijah Rice [Parents] was born on 31 Mar 1786 in Ashby, MA. He died on 14 Aug 1865. He married Sophia Waters on 21 Jun 1809.

Sophia Waters died on 23 Aug 1865. She married Abijah Rice on 21 Jun 1809.

They had the following children:

  F i Helen Maria Rice
  F ii Harriet F. Rice
  F iii Sybby G. Rice
  F iv Lucy Rice
  M v Addison Gardner Rice was born on 14 Nov 1819. He died on 5 Jul 1860.
  M vi Harrison G. Rice
  M vii Richard H. Rice
  M viii Jerome Rice
  F ix Almira S. Rice
  M x Cornelius Rice was born on 22 Dec 1830. He died on 22 Dec 1830.
  F xi Emeline Rice

James G. Sanderson.James married Harriet F. Rice.

Harriet F. Rice [Parents] was born on 16 May 1814. She married James G. Sanderson.

George W. Green.George married Sybby G. Rice.

Sybby G. Rice [Parents] was born on 29 May 1816. She married George W. Green.

James Ramsdell.James married Lucy Rice.

Lucy Rice [Parents] was born on 5 Jun 1818. She married James Ramsdell.

Harrison G. Rice [Parents] was born on 24 Dec 1821. He married Elizabeth H. Woods.

Elizabeth H. Woods.Elizabeth married Harrison G. Rice.

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