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Luther Herbert Stowell.Luther married Abby Kendall.

Abby Kendall [Parents] was born on 11 Apr 1834. She married Luther Herbert Stowell.

Charles Blake Kendall [Parents] was born on 13 Jun 1815. He died on 19 Nov 1883. He married Sarah Smith on 13 May 1845.

Sarah Smith.Sarah married Charles Blake Kendall on 13 May 1845.

Luther Kendall [Parents] was born on 31 Jul 1790. He married Mary Case on 31 Oct 1813.

Other marriages:
Clifford, Mary

Mary Case died on 24 May 1831. She married Luther Kendall on 31 Oct 1813.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles Blake Kendall
  M ii Henry Jackson Kendall was born on 4 Apr 1817. He died on 25 Nov 1870.
  M iii George Emmerson Kendall
  M iv Otis Horatio Kendall
  F v Elizette Kendall
  M vi Albert Bradley Kendall was born on 16 Jul 1826. He died on 13 May 1827.
  M vii Olonzo Kendall was born on 16 Nov 1829. He died on 1 Mar 1830.

George Emmerson Kendall [Parents] was born on 30 Jan 1819. He married Louisa W. Buttman.

Louisa W. Buttman.Louisa married George Emmerson Kendall.

Otis Horatio Kendall [Parents] was born on 22 Jun 1822. He married Mary Warner.

Mary Warner.Mary married Otis Horatio Kendall.

Isaac Farrington.Isaac married Elizette Kendall.

Elizette Kendall [Parents] was born on 9 May 1824. She married Isaac Farrington.

Dexter Buckminster Kendall [Parents] was born on 4 Oct 1833. He married Mary Jane.

Other marriages:
, Harriet

Mary Jane.Mary married Dexter Buckminster Kendall.

Dexter Buckminster Kendall [Parents] was born on 4 Oct 1833. He married Harriet.

Other marriages:
, Mary Jane

Harriet.Harriet married Dexter Buckminster Kendall.

Luther Fay [Parents] was born on 26 Oct 1778 in Southborough, MA. He died on 9 Nov 1865. He married Lovisa Brewer on 7 Oct 1804.

Lovisa Brewer [Parents] was born on 29 May 1781 in Southborough, MA. She died on 5 Dec 1826 in Southborough, MA. She married Luther Fay on 7 Oct 1804.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha Fay was born on 29 May 1805 in Southborough, MA. She died on 15 Oct 1846. [Notes]
  M ii Darius F. Fay
  F iii Lovisa Fay
  M iv Cyrus Fay was born on 9 Mar 1812 in Southborough, MA.
  F v Lorena Fay was born on 31 May 1818 in Southborough, MA. [Notes]

Elijah Ball [Parents] was born on 1 Feb 1742/1743. He died on 24 Feb 1826. He married Prudence Rice.

Prudence Rice [Parents] was born on 22 Apr 1762 in Framingham, MA. She died on 20 Feb 1851. She married Elijah Ball.

They had the following children:

  F i Hyderally Ball was born on 19 Sep 1787.
  F ii Nancy Ball
  F iii Charlotte Ball was born on 12 Apr 1791. She died in 1799.
  F iv Polly Ball
  M v Josiah Ball

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