Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Joel Harrington [Parents] was born on 18 May 1758. He married Mary McNaire.

Mary McNaire.Mary married Joel Harrington.

Isaac Harrington [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1754. He married Mary on 8 Jan 1778.

Mary.Mary married Isaac Harrington on 8 Jan 1778.

They had the following children:

  M i Isaac Harrington was born about 2 Nov 1778.
  F ii Mary Harrington
  M iii Josiah Harrington.
  F iv Rebecca Harrington.

Jesse Harrington [Parents] was born on 8 May 1756. He married Abigail Richardson.

Abigail Richardson.Abigail married Jesse Harrington.

Joshua Rich.Joshua married Anna Livermore on 1 Mar 1781.

Anna Livermore [Parents] was born on 10 Sep 1764 in Spencer, MA. She married Joshua Rich on 1 Mar 1781.

Ambrose Melvin [Parents] was born in 1822. He married Melmira Torrey.

Melmira Torrey.Melmira married Ambrose Melvin.

William Upham.William married Mary Ann Melvin in Rockport, ME.

Mary Ann Melvin [Parents] was born on 7 May 1808. She married William Upham in Rockport, ME.

David Melvin [Parents] was born on 7 May 1806. He married Susan Nott.

Susan Nott.Susan married David Melvin.



They had the following children:

  M i John Melvin Jr

Seth Shattuck.Seth married Anna Smith.

Anna Smith [Parents] was born on 28 May 1767. She died on 23 Aug 1828. She married Seth Shattuck.

Aaron Smith [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1772. He died on 22 Dec 1849. He married Hannah.

Hannah.Hannah married Aaron Smith.

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