Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Stephen DeJean.Stephen married Cornelia Rouse.

Cornelia Rouse.Cornelia married Stephen DeJean.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy DeJean

Asa Coan.Asa married Mary Jones.

Mary Jones.Mary married Asa Coan.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary A. Coan

Aaron Wilcox Smith [Parents] was born in 1821. He married Eleanor.

Eleanor.Eleanor married Aaron Wilcox Smith.

Franklin Flint.Franklin married Harriet Maria Johnson on 3 Jul 1841.

Harriet Maria Johnson [Parents] was born on 23 Oct 1816. She married Franklin Flint on 3 Jul 1841.

Joseph Furbush Knowlton [Parents] was born on 20 Aug 1811 in Shrewsbury, MA. He married Sarah Elizabeth Johnson on 11 Apr 1841.

Sarah Elizabeth Johnson [Parents] was born on 26 Nov 1818. She married Joseph Furbush Knowlton on 11 Apr 1841.

John Weston Johnson [Parents] was born on 21 Jan 1822. He married Ann D. Boynton.

Ann D. Boynton.Ann married John Weston Johnson.

Samuel Henry Johnson [Parents] was born on 14 Dec 1826. He married Juliette Maranda Davis on 4 Apr 1848.

Juliette Maranda Davis [Parents] was born on 6 Nov 1828. She married Samuel Henry Johnson on 4 Apr 1848.

Charles Jones.Charles married Flora A. Smith.

Flora A. Smith [Parents] was born on 14 Apr 1844. She married Charles Jones.

Scott Smith [Parents] was born on 13 Dec 1847. He married Aldlaide Spears.

Aldlaide Spears.Aldlaide married Scott Smith.

Frank Farrell.Frank married Ida Marie Smith.

Ida Marie Smith [Parents] was born on 8 Dec 1848. She married Frank Farrell.

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