Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Zimre Utter.Zimre married Susan Winchell.

Susan Winchell.Susan married Zimre Utter.

They had the following children:

  F i Phebe Jane Utter

George B. Sargent.George married Mary Perin on 1 Sep 1839 in Connersville, IN.

Mary Perin [Parents] was born on 11 Dec 1820. She married George B. Sargent on 1 Sep 1839 in Connersville, IN.

Samuel Perin [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1822. He married Sophia Roubleau on 1 Jul 1851.

Sophia Roubleau.Sophia married Samuel Perin on 1 Jul 1851.

John Zimri Perin [Parents] was born on 25 Mar 1840. He married Elizabeth A. Martin on 16 Sep 1868.

Elizabeth A. Martin.Elizabeth married John Zimri Perin on 16 Sep 1868.

Hiram Tucker.Hiram married Emily Diantha Perin on 21 Jul 1869.

Emily Diantha Perin [Parents] was born on 26 May 1841. She married Hiram Tucker on 21 Jul 1869.

Benjamin Franklin Perin [Parents] was born on 11 Sep 1844. He married Permelia J. Wilson on 14 Sep 1873.

Permelia J. Wilson.Permelia married Benjamin Franklin Perin on 14 Sep 1873.

Samuel Ezra Perin [Parents] was born on 28 Jan 1847. He married Martha Jane Martin on 18 Mar 1871.

Martha Jane Martin.Martha married Samuel Ezra Perin on 18 Mar 1871.

William Caleb Melson.William married Susan R. Perin on 9 Aug 1876.

Susan R. Perin [Parents] was born on 12 May 1849. She married William Caleb Melson on 9 Aug 1876.

Marquis Lafayette Rucker.Marquis married Lucinda Jane Perin on 3 Aug 1871.

Lucinda Jane Perin [Parents] was born on 26 Aug 1852. She married Marquis Lafayette Rucker on 3 Aug 1871.

Charles Rice Perin [Parents] was born on 18 Jul 1860 in Council Bluffs, IA. He died on 10 Oct 1926 in Connersville, IN. He married Geraldine Allison on 2 Mar 1884 in Andersonville, IN.

Geraldine Allison [Parents] was born on 18 Feb 1866 in Andersonville, IN. She died on 14 Nov 1962 in Indianapolis, IN. She married Charles Rice Perin on 2 Mar 1884 in Andersonville, IN.

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