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James D. Fenton [Parents] was born on 30 Oct 1830 in Bracketts Corners, Framingham, MA. He died on 31 Jan 1883 in Westborough, MA. He married Lucy E..

Lucy E..Lucy married James D. Fenton.

Charles Moncrief.Charles married Catherine E. Fenton.

Catherine E. Fenton [Parents] was born on 20 Aug 1835 in Bracketts Corners, Framingham, MA. She married Charles Moncrief.

Osgood J Fenton [Parents] was born about 1838 in Bracketts Corners, Framingham, MA. He married Mary F Harriman.

Mary F Harriman.Mary married Osgood J Fenton.

Abijah S. Claflin [Parents] was born on 30 Jun 1822. He married Olive R. Morse on 30 Mar 1847.

Olive R. Morse.Olive married Abijah S. Claflin on 30 Mar 1847.

Ezra Cutting.Ezra married Elizabeth Claflin on 24 Nov 1853.

Other marriages:
Claflin, Ellen L.

Elizabeth Claflin [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1833. She married Ezra Cutting on 24 Nov 1853.

Ezra Cutting.Ezra married Ellen L. Claflin.

Other marriages:
Claflin, Elizabeth

Ellen L. Claflin [Parents] was born about 1838. She married Ezra Cutting.

William Locke.William married Frances A. Claflin.

Frances A. Claflin [Parents] was born on 29 Jan 1836. She married William Locke.

Nathan Dadmun [Parents] was born on 16 Jun 1747 in Framingham, Middlesex Co, MA. He died on 16 Feb 1827 in Ashland. He married Hannah Sanger about 1770.


Hannah Sanger [Parents] was born on 23 Jun 1747 in Framingham, MA. She died on 19 Nov 1821 in Framingham, MA. She married Nathan Dadmun about 1770.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph Dadmun
  M ii Jeduthan Dadmun
  F iii Eleanor Dadmun
  F iv Sarah Dadmun
  F v Hannah Dadmun
  F vi Bathsheba Dadmun
  M vii Nathan Dadmun Jr
  F viii Mary Dadmun



They had the following children:

  F i Lois Jones

Henry J. Dadmun [Parents] was born on 10 Jan 1807. He died on 13 Nov 1879 in Ashland, MA. He married Esther G. Allard on 22 Feb 1832.

Esther G. Allard.Esther married Henry J. Dadmun on 22 Feb 1832.

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