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They had the following children:

  M i James L. Knowles

Curtis Parker [Parents].Curtis married Eliza J. Horton on 5 Apr 1832.

Eliza J. Horton [Parents] was born on 14 Apr 1810. She married Curtis Parker on 5 Apr 1832.



They had the following children:

  M i Curtis Parker

Sumner Horton [Parents] was born on 19 Nov 1812. He married Clarissa Boyenton on 20 Mar 1834.

Clarissa Boyenton.Clarissa married Sumner Horton on 20 Mar 1834.

Lysander Wheelock.Lysander married Hannah Horton on 10 Jan 1836.

Hannah Horton [Parents] was born on 30 Sep 1814. She married Lysander Wheelock on 10 Jan 1836.

Chester Morse [Parents] was born on 29 Jul 1815. He married Lucy A. Drury.

Lucy A. Drury.Lucy married Chester Morse.

Horace T. Hildreth.Horace married Mary Elizabeth Drury on 26 Nov 1846.

Mary Elizabeth Drury [Parents] was born in 1824 in Natick (?), MA. She married Horace T. Hildreth on 26 Nov 1846.

Henry Hatch Drury [Parents] was born on 2 Jun 1815 in Natick, MA. He married Emily Perry on 20 Mar 1842.

Emily Perry.Emily married Henry Hatch Drury on 20 Mar 1842.

They had the following children:

  M i William Henry Drury was born on 4 Apr 1843.
  F ii Sarah Emma Drury was born on 27 Jul 1846.

Asa Drury [Parents] was born in 1823 in Natick (?), MA. He married Mary Titus on 9 Aug 1848.

Mary Titus.Mary married Asa Drury on 9 Aug 1848.

Enoch Parker.Enoch married Olive Jennings in Apr 1774.

Olive Jennings [Parents] was born on 6 Sep 1756. She married Enoch Parker in Apr 1774.

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