Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Joseph P. Healy.Joseph married Mary P. Rice on 19 Dec 1848.

Mary P. Rice [Parents] was born on 19 Dec 1821. She married Joseph P. Healy on 19 Dec 1848.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha L. Healy was born on 2 Oct 1852.

Franklin Hanchet.Franklin married Anna E. Rice on 27 Jun 1844.

Anna E. Rice [Parents] was born on 12 Jan 1824. She married Franklin Hanchet on 27 Jun 1844.

They had the following children:

  F i Helen Hanchet was born on 25 Aug 1845.
  M ii Franklin Hanchet was born on 15 Dec 1851.
  F iii Anna Hanchet was born on 14 Apr 1854.

Nathan M. Woodman was born about 1822. He married Louisa W. Rice on 28 Jan 1848 in Framingham, MA.

Louisa W. Rice [Parents] was born on 23 Apr 1826. She married Nathan M. Woodman on 28 Jan 1848 in Framingham, MA.

They had the following children:

  M i Nathan F. Woodman was born on 23 Mar 1850. He died in Aug 1851.

Jason Whitney.Jason married Hannah Goodnow.

Hannah Goodnow [Parents].Hannah married Jason Whitney.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy G. Whitney was born on 26 Nov 1810.

Edwin A. Burk.Edwin married Susan A. Rice on 4 Nov 1837.

Susan A. Rice [Parents] was born in Apr 1818. She married Edwin A. Burk on 4 Nov 1837.

Charles Morse [Parents] was born in Aug 1814. He married Louisa Draper.

Louisa Draper.Louisa married Charles Morse.

Alfred E. Gale.Alfred married Lydia B. Morse in May 1839.

Lydia B. Morse [Parents] was born in 1818. She died on 18 Nov 1844 in Natick, MA. She married Alfred E. Gale in May 1839.

Eldad Atwood was born about 1742. He married Catherine Winch on 4 May 1780.

Catherine Winch [Parents].Catherine married Eldad Atwood on 4 May 1780.

Daniel Belcher was born about 1746. He married Hannah Winch.

Hannah Winch [Parents].Hannah married Daniel Belcher.

Jason Winch [Parents].Jason married Elizabeth Maynard.

Elizabeth Maynard was born about 1754. She married Jason Winch.

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