Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Francis Johnson Jr.Francis married Sally Coleman Rice.

Sally Coleman Rice [Parents] was born on 14 Jul 1806. She married Francis Johnson Jr.

Jesse Rice [Parents] was born on 14 Dec 1780 in Marlborough, MA. He married Sally Coleman on 29 Nov 1804.

Other marriages:
Jackson, Elizabeth I.

Sally Coleman was born in 1780. She died on 28 Dec 1846. She married Jesse Rice on 29 Nov 1804.

They had the following children:

  F i Sally Coleman Rice
  F ii Minerva Rice
  M iii Samuel Martin Rice
  F iv Elizabeth Rice
  F v Susan Relief Rice

Washington H. Johnson.Washington married Minerva Rice.

Minerva Rice [Parents] was born on 27 May 1809. She married Washington H. Johnson.

Samuel Martin Rice [Parents] was born on 27 Jun 1813. He married Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson.Betsey married Samuel Martin Rice.

Albert Whitney.Albert married Elizabeth Rice.

Other marriages:
Rice, Susan Relief

Elizabeth Rice [Parents] was born on 24 Nov 1816. She married Albert Whitney.

Albert Whitney.Albert married Susan Relief Rice.

Other marriages:
Rice, Elizabeth

Susan Relief Rice [Parents] was born on 27 Oct 1820. She married Albert Whitney.

Asa Maynard [Parents] was born on 14 Aug 1804. He married Rhoda Thompson on 4 Jun 1825.

Rhoda Thompson.Rhoda married Asa Maynard on 4 Jun 1825.

Asa Rice [Parents] was born on 7 Jan 1777 in Marlborough, MA. He died on 30 Sep 1826 in Ashby, MA. He married Rebecca Osborn.

Rebecca Osborn.Rebecca married Asa Rice.

They had the following children:

  M i John B. Rice was born on 6 Apr 1801.
  F ii Loiza Rice was born on 4 Jan 1804.
  F iii Mary Ann Rice
  M iv William Rice was born on 16 Oct 1809.
  M v Thomas O. Rice was born on 19 Aug 1815.

Gilbert C. Brown.Gilbert married Zilpha Maynard on 19 Nov 1837.

Zilpha Maynard [Parents] was born on 25 Aug 1810. She married Gilbert C. Brown on 19 Nov 1837.

Lambert Maynard [Parents] was born on 25 Jan 1799. He died in Jan 1852 in Boston, MA. He married Luseba Locke on 25 Aug 1824.

Luseba Locke.Luseba married Lambert Maynard on 25 Aug 1824.

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