Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Rufus K. Merriam.Rufus married Eliza Anne Clements on 13 Mar 1845.

Eliza Anne Clements [Parents] was born on 8 Oct 1823. She married Rufus K. Merriam on 13 Mar 1845.

Amory Moore.Amory married Catherine Moore Merrifield on 11 Mar 1830.

Catherine Moore Merrifield [Parents] was born on 30 Oct 1805. She married Amory Moore on 11 Mar 1830.

Alpheus Merrifield.Alpheus married Mary Trowbridge on 12 Nov 1804 in Worcester, MA.

Mary Trowbridge [Parents] was born on 31 May 1783 in Worcester, MA. She married Alpheus Merrifield on 12 Nov 1804 in Worcester, MA.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Moore Merrifield
  M ii William Trowbridge Merrifield
  M iii Alpheus Marshall Merrifield
  F iv Sarah Wilson Merrifield
  M v Francis Nelson Merrifield
  F vi Mary Angeline Merrifield
  M vii Andrew Lucian Merrifield was born on 5 May 1826. He died on 23 Apr 1847.
  F viii Amelia Rice Merrifield

William Trowbridge Merrifield [Parents] was born on 10 Apr 1807. He married Margaret Brigham on 27 Apr 1830.

Margaret Brigham.Margaret married William Trowbridge Merrifield on 27 Apr 1830.

Alpheus Marshall Merrifield [Parents] was born on 25 May 1809. He married Emily A. Norton on 28 Feb 1831.

Emily A. Norton.Emily married Alpheus Marshall Merrifield on 28 Feb 1831.

James S. Kettell.James married Sarah Wilson Merrifield on 15 May 1833.

Sarah Wilson Merrifield [Parents] was born on 6 Oct 1810. She married James S. Kettell on 15 May 1833.

Francis Nelson Merrifield [Parents] was born on 22 Feb 1815. He married Lucia A. Clesabee on 14 Oct 1839.

Lucia A. Clesabee.Lucia married Francis Nelson Merrifield on 14 Oct 1839.

William O. Fay.William married Mary Angeline Merrifield on 8 Jun 1842.

Mary Angeline Merrifield [Parents] was born on 7 Jul 1821. She married William O. Fay on 8 Jun 1842.

William F. Adams.William married Amelia Rice Merrifield.

Amelia Rice Merrifield [Parents] was born on 17 Mar 1829. She married William F. Adams.

Zechariah Child [Parents].Zechariah married Lydia Bigelow on 7 Oct 1784.

Lydia Bigelow [Parents] was born on 28 Oct 1764 in Worcester, MA. She married Zechariah Child on 7 Oct 1784.

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