Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Lathrop Lewis [Parents] was born on 4 Sep 1805. He died in Oct 1879. He married Mary Jones in Dec 1833.

Mary Jones.Mary married Lathrop Lewis in Dec 1833.

Stephen Willey.Stephen married Tabitha Longfellow Lewis in Feb 1825.

Tabitha Longfellow Lewis [Parents] was born in Sep 1807. She died in Sep 1847. She married Stephen Willey in Feb 1825.

Benjamin Cleaves.Benjamin married Jerusha Lincoln Lewis in Dec 1831.

Jerusha Lincoln Lewis [Parents] was born in Nov 1813. She died in Aug 1876. She married Benjamin Cleaves in Dec 1831.

Aaron Woodbury was born on 15 Jul 1808. He died on 5 Jun 1889. He married Sarah P Lewis.

Sarah P Lewis [Parents] was born on 23 Aug 1817. She died after 1897. She married Aaron Woodbury.

They had the following children:

  M i Roliston Woodbury
  F ii Harriet Ann Woodbury was born on 8 Mar 1842. She died on 14 Oct 1863.
  M iii Royal Lincoln Woodbury
  F iv Sarah Peabody Woodbury
  M v Clinton Aaron Woodbury
  F vi Katie Woodbury was born on 1 Dec 1853. She died on 18 Oct 1863.
  M vii Edward Payson Woodbury

Roliston Woodbury [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1840. He died on 1 Nov 1888. He married Nellie Lovejoy on 14 Aug 1867.

Other marriages:
Billings, Maria

Nellie Lovejoy.Nellie married Roliston Woodbury on 14 Aug 1867.

Roliston Woodbury [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1840. He died on 1 Nov 1888. He married Maria Billings in Aug 1870.

Other marriages:
Lovejoy, Nellie

Maria Billings.Maria married Roliston Woodbury in Aug 1870.

They had the following children:

  M i Ernest R Woodbury was born on 3 Jul 1871.
  M ii Nelson Lovejoy Woodbury was born on 22 May 1874.
  M iii William Billings Woodbury was born on 20 Apr 1877.

Royal Lincoln Woodbury [Parents] was born on 30 May 1844. He died on 7 Jul 1896. He married Ardelia Hutchinson on 14 Mar 1864.

Ardelia Hutchinson.Ardelia married Royal Lincoln Woodbury on 14 Mar 1864.

They had the following children:

  M i Clinton T Woodbury was born on 8 Sep 1871. He died on 5 Feb 1875.

John W Chute was born in South Paris, Oxford Co, ME. He married Sarah Peabody Woodbury on 23 Oct 1866.

Sarah Peabody Woodbury [Parents] was born on 23 Oct 1845. She married John W Chute on 23 Oct 1866.

Clinton Aaron Woodbury [Parents] was born on 4 Dec 1851. He died on 29 Sep 1894. He married Ida Simmons Vose on 2 Jun 1876.

Ida Simmons Vose.Ida married Clinton Aaron Woodbury on 2 Jun 1876.

They had the following children:

  M i Carl Vose Woodbury was born on 18 Aug 1877.
  M ii Donald C Woodbury was born on 3 Sep 1879. He died on 28 Aug 1881.
  M iii Malcolm Sumner Woodbury was born on 27 Mar 1881.
  F iv Ruth Lincoln Woodbury was born on 25 Feb 1889.

Edward Payson Woodbury [Parents] was born on 28 Dec 1855. He married Amie Louisa Goodrich on 15 Dec 1883.

Amie Louisa Goodrich.Amie married Edward Payson Woodbury on 15 Dec 1883.

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