Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Winfield C Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 27 Dec 1849. He died on 23 Mar 1931. He married Laura McConnell on 5 Mar 1869.

Laura McConnell was born about 1850. She married Winfield C Snodgrass on 5 Mar 1869.

Albert R Brake was born about 1850. He married Susan J Snodgrass on 14 Feb 1876.

Susan J Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 7 Jan 1852. She died on 24 Sep 1937. She married Albert R Brake on 14 Feb 1876.

They had the following children:

  M i Linnie Brake was born about 1875.
  M ii John Brake was born about 1877.
  M iii Wilbur Brake

Calvin Newton Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 19 Sep 1857. He died on 27 Feb 1929. He married P Ella Shock on 27 Oct 1880.

P Ella Shock was born about 1860. She married Calvin Newton Snodgrass on 27 Oct 1880.

They had the following children:

  F i Leta Snodgrass was born about 28 Apr 1885 in Roane Co, WV.
  F ii Flossie Snodgrass was born about 18 Jan 1886.
  F iii Erma Snodgrass
  F iv Mabel Snodgrass
  F v Ethel Snodgrass
  M vi Claude Snodgrass

Phillip Cox Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 8 Jan 1860. He married Marie Curiel.

Marie Curiel was born about 1860. She married Phillip Cox Snodgrass.

Elisha McClellan Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 14 Oct 1861. He married Sabina McConnell about 1889.

Sabina McConnell was born about 1865. She married Elisha McClellan Snodgrass about 1889.

Gordon Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 2 Oct 1867. He died on 23 Aug 1897. He married Cordelia Stack on 23 Mar 1895.

Cordelia Stack was born about 1870. She married Gordon Snodgrass on 23 Mar 1895.

Gerome V Hall was born about 1885. He married Erma Snodgrass on 23 Aug 1920.

Erma Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 3 Dec 1886. She married Gerome V Hall on 23 Aug 1920.

Millard Workman was born about 1890. He married Mabel Snodgrass on 30 Jun 1922.

Mabel Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 13 May 1890 in Gilmer Co, WV. She married Millard Workman on 30 Jun 1922.

John R Hall was born about 1890. He married Ethel Snodgrass on 20 Jun 1923.

Ethel Snodgrass [Parents] was born on 28 Jan 1893 in Gilmer Co, WV. She married John R Hall on 20 Jun 1923.

Claude Snodgrass [Parents] was born about 1895. He married Effie McCullough.

Effie McCullough was born about 1895. She married Claude Snodgrass.

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