Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals

Asa S Beard was born about 1835. He married Sarah Tharp on 13 Feb 1949.

Sarah Tharp [Parents] was born on 24 Jan 1828. She married Asa S Beard on 13 Feb 1949.

Timothy S Tharp [Parents] was born on 27 Feb 1836. He died on 19 Feb 1890 in Iowa. He married Amanda June Hull on 27 Aug 1853 in Lewis Co, WV.

Amanda June Hull was born about 1840. She married Timothy S Tharp on 27 Aug 1853 in Lewis Co, WV.

Addison Hall was born about 1830. He married Nancy Tharp on 29 Oct 1851.

Nancy Tharp [Parents] was born about 1833. She married Addison Hall on 29 Oct 1851.

They had the following children:

  M i Columbus Hall was born about 1852. [Notes]
  F ii Mary Columbia Hall
  M iii James Bascomb Hall was born about 1857.
  F iv Nancy Emaline Hall was born about 1860. She died about 1867 in Died Young.

Marshall Law was born about 1839. He married Almira Tharp on 21 Mar 1854 in Van Buren Co, IA.

Almira Tharp [Parents] was born about 1839. She married Marshall Law on 21 Mar 1854 in Van Buren Co, IA.

William Marshall Tharp [Parents] was born on 28 Jan 1842. He died on 10 Jun 1919 in Van Buren Co, IA. He married Martha M Vincent on 18 Jan 1863.

Martha M Vincent was born about 1845. She married William Marshall Tharp on 18 Jan 1863.

J. L Burnside was born about 1860. He married Mary Columbia Hall.

Mary Columbia Hall [Parents] was born about 1855. She married J. L Burnside.

Washington Kniseley [Parents] was born in 1811. He died in 1880. He married Christiana Cox on 7 Apr 1864.

Christiana Cox [Parents] was born about 1822/1827. She died in 1909. She married Washington Kniseley on 7 Apr 1864.

Abraham Life was born about 1819. He married Rebecca Tharp on 8 Jun 1833 in Lewis Co, WV.

Rebecca Tharp [Parents] was born in 1819. She married Abraham Life on 8 Jun 1833 in Lewis Co, WV.

John Lockert was born about 1825. He married Elizabeth Cox.

Elizabeth Cox [Parents] was born about 1825. She married John Lockert.

Phillip Layfayett Cox [Parents] was born about 1827. He married Susan Lockert.

Susan Lockert was born about 1827. She married Phillip Layfayett Cox.

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