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Elizabeth Hinds

DWS: From:"New England Ancestry of Albert Wilcox Savage" 1968 found in Union
College, Lincoln, NE LLCGS 929.2 Sa9
"Nothing is positively known about the wife of John Kirby except that her first name was Elizabeth and that that she ,married, second, Abraham Randall of Windsor, CT, outlived him and died after 1697. It is believed, however, that her name was Elizabeth Hinds and that she was the niece of Sarah (Hinds)
Cheplin, wife of Clement Cheplin of Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, and afterwards of Wethersfield, CT. Elizabeth probably accompanied or followed her aunt to Wethersfield and was married to John Kirby before 1645.
The first wife of Abraham Randall was Mary Ware, whom he married 8 Dec 1640. She died 8 Jul 1677; he died 21 Aug 1690. His widow, Elizabeth, removed to Wethersfield, and probably died in March 1704/05, as at that time Joseph Kirby was appointed administrator to settle his father's estate."
World Family Tree CD #8 family #3267 shows her place of death as: Wethersfield, Hartford, CT and her place of birth as Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, England.
Genealogical record of the descendants of David Sage; Batavia, N.Y.: C.H. Sage, 1919
by Elisha L. Sage appndx note A
married Abraham Randall Oct 21, 1681per the Dorchester Mass. records. Randall later lived at Windsor, CT.

Phillip Hinds

From LDS Records. Spouse was born in Bury in 1602.

William Clapp

From Stephen Kyner Compuserve download 11/7/93...may of married 1522 and died
in Sydbury, Hartford, Devon, Eng.
DWS: from The ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, 1878-1908 by Dean Crawford Smith
1996, New England Historic Genealogical Society from Boston Public Library pgs 115-182