Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


Malon Richardson

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
MARRIAGE: Malon Richardson and Mary Angeline Powell. 28 Oct 1888 per marriage
index found at Omaha, Nebraska. 28 Oct 1887, E. Plattsmouth, Nebraska per
(Information furnished by Joyce Posey)

Mary Angeline Powell

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
RESIDENCES: In 1922, Plattsville, Mills Co., IA
BIRTH: Born 4 Jul 1870 at Pacific Junction, Mills Co., IA
DEATH: 10 Nov 1939 at Pacific Junction, Mills Co., IA
(Source: Obituary - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Andrew J Bane

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
SPOUSE: Andrew J. Bane was the 2nd spouse of Harriet Kate Powell.

Richard T Fisher

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
MARRIAGE: 1 Aug 1908, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
(Source: LDS record - furnished by Joyce Posey)
SPOUSE: Richard T. Fisher was the 3rd husband of Harriet T. Powell.

Isaac Peter Powell

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
Isaac Peter Powell
AKA: Ike
OCCUPATION: Construction; worked for the Gates Rubber Co. during WWII
In 1913, Isaac Peter Powell and his family migrated to Haxtun, CO by wagon
train. He was a farmer and involved in road construction and general labor.
A family story is told of how farming, without proper equipment and irrigation,
was very difficult on the arid plains of eastern Colorado. Isaac traded his
homestead for a pair of mules so he could get work to make a living to feed his
The 1920 census listed them living on Grant Street in Haxtun, CO.
Later, Isaac obtained road construction work at Lodgepole, Nebraska and the
family lived there until 1925. Next, they moved to Ovid, Colorado. Ike, as he
was called, and his son's Orson and Gail were employed to do excavation and
construction work at the Great Western Sugar Factory, Sugar Hotel and the 1929
project to build a new High School in Ovid. His daughter, Dora Mabel, was one
of the first thirteen to graduate frm the new High School in 1930.
David Jarred, Ike's father-in-law, was a carpenter in the Ovid area.
The family moved to Denver, CO in 1933.
Ike and Violet's sons, Orson, Gail and Fred enlisted in the U.S. Navy during
World War II. They served on various ships in the Pacific. Fred was killed
aboard the USN Destroyer Twiggs, LS #159 DD, when the ship was hit by sucicide
planes while at Okinawa on 16 Jun 1945. Gail wrote to his parents about
learning that Fred's ship had been hit over his own ship's radio.
Isaac and Violet bought a piece of land at 2560 West 67th Ave., in
Westminister, Adams Co., CO after the war and had a small four room house
built. They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 4 Jul 1958 with a
family picnic at Berkley Park in Denver, CO.
Isaac Powell died on 29 Sep 1960 and he was buried on Saturday, 1 Oct 1960.
After his death the family home was sold and Violet went to live with her
widowed daughter, Dora Miller. In 1966 she moved to 29 E. Ratcliff, Englewood,
On 14 Mar 1967, while in the yard preparing the flower beds for planting Violet
was invited by a neighbor to have lunch. She told the neighbor she would take
some yard rubbish to the alley and would be right back. When she did not
appear after several minutes the neighbor went to the alley and found her dead
of a massive heart attack. She was buried on 18 Mar 1967. Both Isaac and
Violet are buried at the Highland Memorial Gardens, Northglen, Adams Co., CO.
(Written by Joyce Posey)
DEATH: 29 Sep 1960, per death certificate
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)
CEMETERY: Isaac Peter Powell was buried at Highland Memorial Gardens,
Northglenn, CO

Violet Gertrude Jarred

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
Violet Gertrude Jarred
CONFLICT-BIRTH: Violet gave her birth date as, 29 Nov 1892. Census and WPA
records state she was born, April 1892. There were no birth records kept in
Mills Co., IA in 1892. Her brother, Galen Eugene was born, 11 May 1893 and
died 6 Dec 1977 in Denver, Co.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)
RECOLLECTIONS: A letter written by Violet in 1963 stated that the parents of
her husband, Isaac Peter Powell, were Alexander Powell and Mary Susan Reed.
CEMETERY: Highland Memorial Cemetery, Northglenn, Adams Co., CO

Joseph Dean Powell

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
DEATH: This child died at birth.

Perry Early

Maxine Crowell Leonard's CONGER FAMILY OF AMERICA II: pg 339
"The 1860 census listed also Perry Early 10, b. OH; Sarah Berks 7, b. IA; John Berks 5; P.R. Berks 4; Rhoda Conger 17"
From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
Perry Early
AKA: Perry Earley
Census: 1856, in Appanoose Co., IA, Franklin Twp., 9/101
Lovina Conger, 21, f., in state 5 yrs. b. OH
Perrez Easly, 5, m. in state 5 yrs, b. OH [Note: This is probably Perry
Early. He was a nephew of Lovina Conger. REH]
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)
MARRIAGE: Perry Early, 21 to Sopha Jump, 18, 1 March 1870
(Source: Early Marriage Records 1847-1900, Appanoose Co., Iowa, published by
Appanoose Co., Iowa Genealogical Society, 1986. Book 5, p. 98 -
furnished by Joyce Posey)
QUESTION: Is it possible that Perry Early was married twice?


From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
QUESTION: Can any proof be cited for the name, Madora?
OBITUARY: Thursday, December 23, 1897
Died on December 20, [1897], Mrs. Perry Earley (sic), of pneumonia. The
remains were intered in the Pacific City Cemetery.
(Source: The Glenwood Opinion (newspaper), Glenwood, Iowa, 23 Dec 1897 -
in possession of Joyce Posey)
BURIAL: The Pacific City Cemetery was located in Section 9, Plattville
township. On June 25, 1971 the remains of 25 burials were placed in boxes and
reburied in the northeast corner of Glenwood Cemetery, Lot 1086, in section 5.
The old cemetery was unearthed with the construction of Highway 34.
(Source: Mills County Iowa Genealogical Society - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Gail Delbert Powell

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705

RELATIONSHIP: Gail Delbert Powell and Malon Powell are related in a number of
ways: 1) they are 1st cousins, with the common ancestor being, Alexander
Powell; 2) they are 4th cousins, 1 generation removed, with the common ancestor
being David Conger; 3) they are 4th cousins, with the common ancestor being
Mary Darby Green.

EDUCATION: Attended school at Haxtun, Colorado; Lodgepole, Nebraska; Ovid,

Gail Delbert Powell, at the age of fourteen, learned to operate a road grader,
and became so proficient he could do so with precision.
Gail Delbert Powell enlisted in the US Navy on 9 October 1943. He trained at
Farragut, Idaho. He later served on 5 different ships. His longest assigment
was served aboard the destroyer, USS Acree #169 in the Pacific.
From a letter written home from Farragut, Idaho dated 18 May 1944 he wrote that
his basic training was completed and he was on furlough waiting for hisassignment to a base or ship. He did not have enough money for bus fare home.
He went into town, where he got a job running a "blade" for the Catapillar
Tractor Company, making 92 cents an hour. He complained about the high prices
of food in town, 20 cents for 2 doughnuts and a cup of coffee, 30 cents for a
hamburger and cup of coffee.
During the war there were holes in some of his letters, where locations were
cut away. Some letters tell he was at the Marshall Islands, New Guinea and the
At some point he attended a Naval Diesel School. He was discharged on 17 Oct
1945, as a Motor Machinist Mate 3C.
When he arrived home his hair had turned totally white and it never returned to
its natural brown color. He was 6'1" with blue eyes.
Gail Powell was employed in the construction field most of his life. As young
boys, he and his older brother, Orson, worked with road building crews in
Lodgepole, Nebraska and Ovid, Colorado. They worked on the excavation of the
ground when the Great Western sugar factory was built at Julesburg, Sedgwick
Co., CO. When the factory was in operation they both worked there processing
sugar beets.
The construction jobs he worked on are too numerous to remember. Colorado has
over 80,000 miles of roads and he worked on most of them at some time.
His daughter, Joyce, remembers seeing him operate the road grader, a bull dozer
and a back-holer, for the water systems. He worked on I-70, from the east to
west borders of the state of Colorado, on I-80 in Wyoming, on I-25 and others
no longer remembered.
After the war he worked for Sigmond Feed Lot in Adams Co., Colorado. He fed
and cared for cattle brought in from the range, before they were trucked to
Swift and Co., for slaughter. When Swift began closing business in Denver he
worked for the Cabusco Company on West Evens Ave. before he returned to
construction work.
He worked for Warrner Brothers Construction Company for several years. They
put in water and drain pipes. Some of the jobs were: water systems at the Air
Force Academy in Colorado Springs; water and sprinkler systems at Denver's City
Park and at Stapleton Airport.
In 1976, while he was working on I-65 near Fort Morgan, CO he and Alice decided
to sell out at Englewood. They purchased a nice older home in Crook, Logan
Co., CO which is 28 miles east of Sterling. This was a nice community of 200
On 23 Dec 1977 Gail Powell retired. He received a 35 year award from the
Colorado Operating Engineers. On Christmas day 1977, just two days after
retirement, he suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed on the left
side. He suffered poor health the rest of this life.
In 1979 Gail and Alice sold their property in Crook, CO and returned to
Gail Powell worked hard all his life. He relaxed by going fishing. He could
spot fish in a creek when no one else could see them. He'd catch 6-7 nice
trout in 15 minutes.
(Written by Joyce Posey)

DIVORCE: 6 Feb 1981 at Englewood, Arapahoe Co., CO

CREMATION-CEMETERY: Cremated and buried at the Fort Logan Military Cemetery,
Littleton, CO.

Alice Carolyn Rundle

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
Alice Carolyn Rundle
EDUCATION: Attended schools in Englewood, Arapahoe Co., CO and Black Hawk,
Clear Creek Co., CO
During the depression years of the 1930s her father operated a placer mine on
Chicago Creek, in Golden Creek Canyon, near Black Hawk, Colorado. He needed
help with the mining operation. It was decided that Alice and her brother,
Steuart, would go to the mine site, while her mother and two older sisters
would remain in Englewood, CO. The two sisters were operators for the Mountain
States Telephone Company.
In the mountains, Alice cooked meals, kept house and worked at the mine. At
that time, many houses in the area had been abandoned by previous owners who
had made or lost their fortunes and moved on. From the allowance that Alice
received, she saved enough to purchase her own house. She paid $25.00 plus
$110.00 in back taxes. This house is located in Black Hawk, Colorado, next
door to the famous "Lace House." Today (1996) it is a gambling extablishment.
By 1940, she sold the house for $400.00. She always referred to the house as,
"My House," and always regretted that she sold it.
Alice had many talents in hand crafts and cooking. She could make homemade
breads and cinnamon rolls that melted in your mouth. Her children never knew
"fast" or "instant" foods until they were out on their own. Daughter Joyce
said, "I never learned Mom's cooking talent. I can only cook with the help of
God and Betty Crocker."
Alice was a member of the 20 Grand Club for years. She made numerous hand-made
quilts for the children at the Ridge State Home for the retarded.
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)
CREMATION: Cremated and buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO

Walter Le Roy Powell

From: Richard E. Henthorn 5403 76th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705
BIRTH: 26 Dec 1906, Iowa
(Source: 1920 census)