Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


John Wesley Balcomb Greene

Changed name to Balcomb Greene. Well known artist, see

John Wesley Balcomb Greene

Changed name to Balcomb Greene. Well known artist, see

Warren DeBrisay Balcom

Estate Folio B263 (1904): Estate of Warren D. BALCOM died 28 Dec 1902. Mrs. Isabel
BALCOM. Children: William A. BALCOM (oldest), Rupert BALCOM, Charles B. BALCOM,
Alma FOSTER wife of Chipman FOSTER, Jessie PRATT wife of Robert H. PRATT, Hettie
S. BALCOM, Annie J. BALCOM of Paradise.
NOTE: Mrs. Isabel Balcom has not been identified as yet.

Page 103, LA granted. Estate Filio B90: (very large) Widow: Margaret BENT. Two daughters: Jessie Adelaid BENT (aged 7 in Oct 1854) the wife of a CHESLEY and Mary Eliza BENT (aged 21 in Oct 1854) the wife of Warren Debrisay BALCOM. Mary Eliza BALCOM died about Feb 1883 and left the following children: Mrs. Alma S. FOSTER of Lawrencetown, William D. BALCOM of Lawrencetown, Mrs. Ada BALCOM who had a child about three or four and who was a widow, Charles B. BALCOM of Paradise, Jessie L. BALCOM of Hudson, Mass.; Manetta S. BALCOM of Paradise, Rupert W. BALCOM, aged 20 in Feb 1883, and Ann J. BALCOM aged 17 in Feb 1883. Also in estate papers was Guardianship papers dated 9 Feb 1883 to Albert GATES for William Banks WHEELOCK, minor aged 14. Also papers related to the estate of Abel BANKS.
NOTE: The reference to the lastname "BENT" adds great confusion to the proper family history of Magaret Bent and Mary Eliza Bent (or Banks).

Ada Balcom

Listed as a Mrs. Ada Balcom widow with a three or four year old in parents will.

Charles B Balcom

Lived in Salem, MA.

Burnetta S Balcom

Lived in Paradise, NS.

Rupert W Balcom

aged 20 in 1883.

Annie J Balcom

aged 17 in Feb 1883.

William A Balcom

Lived in Lawrencetown, NS.

Page 517, R: 11 Oct 1906: LWT of William A. BALCOM of Clarence, undated. Wife: Ada S. Father: DesBrisay BALCOM. Siblings: Rupert, Burnetta BALCOM, Jessie PRATT, and Charles BALCOM. "to my wife's son Everett BALCOM". #. @ 11 Oct 1906, died 05 Sep 1906. Estate Folio B266 (1906): He died 5 Sep 1906 at Clarence.