Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


John Axtell

b. April 23, 1818 at Peru, MA., m. at New Sharon, ME,Emeline Berry Feb. 26, 1844. In 1846 he took his wife and child, and his household goods and went by boat, railroad, Erie Canal, Great Lakes and ox-team through the wilderness to northern Wis., and settled near Oshkosh, where his father and six brothers were already living, "all of whom were honest, honorable men, respected and looked up to by their neighbors," all had trades, good homes and sufficient of this world's goods to take care of themselves through life.
John Axtell built a mill for the U.S. Government on Little Woolf River in what is now Waupaca Co, for the Indians. His wife Emeline is said to have been the first white woman to have set foot in what is now WaupacaCounty. He died June 1, 1889 at New London, Wis.

Albert F Axtell


Elwin Howard Saxe


Elva Helen Saxe