Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


Ralph Archer Mullen

he declared born Weymouth and age 26 at the time of his

Jennie Louise Crousse

she declared age 26 and born Bear River at the time of her

John F Bath

with his widowed mother

Miles McMillan

age 27 in the 1881 census

Bessie Bath

as she was mentioned in the settlement of her brother William's

John P Murdock

John declared age 32, a trader, age 32, born Bridgetown and
living at Bridgetown at his marriage in 1887

Mary Agnes Bath

as she was executor of her brother William's estate

Samuel Walter Willett Pickup

Previous family histories, available to your author, have
missed a generation between Samuel Pickup, d 1886, and Walter
Willett Pickup, d 1916. It is clear from the Annapolis County
Will Probate records that Samuel Walter Willett Pickup is the
son of Samuel and the father of Walter Willett

Walter Willett Pickup

as his name does not appear in the 1891 census with his family