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Charles Beecher

DWS: from

Lt Frederick Henry Beecher

DWS: Famous US Army Lieutenant killed at the Indian battle on the Arickaree fork of the Republican River, a few miles from the southwest corner of Nebraska and not far from the present town of Wray, Colorado. This was named Beecher Island in his honor.
DWS: from book 'History and Stories of Nebraska, by Addison Erwin Sheldon, 1913.'
by Addison Erwin Sheldon (1861-1943) (was director of the Nebraska Historic Society)
" General Custer said that the Arickaree fight was the greatest battle on the plains. At Wounded Knee, South Dakota lives a tall wise Sioux named Fire Lightning. He was in the Arickaree fight and told me this story one summer afternoon sitting in the shadow of his log house and looking out upon his garden. He said the Indians lost nearly a hundred men in the fight and showed by gestures with his hands how fast the white men fired from their sand pits and how Roman Nose fell from his horse.
Today a monument has been established at the site of the Beecher Island Battle. The Beecher Island Battlefield Monument is a joint Colorado-Kansas historical site established in 1905 to commemorate the September 17-19, 1868 battle fought there between Colonel George A. Forsyth's Scouts and a group of about 750 Indians from several Plains Indian tribes. Chief Roman Nose died in the battle. The memorial is located 20 miles south of Wray, Colorado."

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