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Homer Edmund Switzer


Mary Caroline Vogel


Abner C Switzer

DWS: from family tree of user: patrickcarrigan17
Carr Family of Pennsylvania, Poston Family BonnersFerry,Idaho

Sarah Jane Kellogg


Myles Standish

DWS: Military commander of Plymouth, MA from the day the Pilgrims landed in 1620. Came on the Mayflower.
Also shown as Miles STANDISH
Member of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, The Standish Monument
Association, The Society of Colonial Wars, etc.
from a pdf OCR'd copy via web by DWS:
"MYLES 1 STANDISH, Plymouth and Duxbury, came in the
Mayflower, 1620, with his wife, ROSE, who died January 29, 1621.
He is supposed to have been bora about 1586. He early became
a leading man of the Plymouth Colony. In February, 1621, at
a general meeting to establish military arrangements he was
chosen captain and vested with the command. He conducted all
the early expeditions against the Indians, and continued in the
military service of the Colony his whole life. He commanded the
Plymouth troops which marched against the Narragansetts in 1645,
and when hostilities with the Dutch were apprehended in 1653 he
was one of the Council of War of Plymouth and was appointed to
command the troops which the Council determined to raise.

He was also prominent in the civil affairs of the Colony. He
was many years assistant, that is, one of the governor's council,
and when in 1626 it became necessary to send a representative to
England to represent the Colonists in their business arrangements
with the merchant adventurers, he was selected. He early went to
live across the bay from Plymouth, in what is now called Duxbury,
and the hill rising abruptly from the waters of Plymouth Bay, upon
which he built his house and lived the remainder of his life, has
been called Captain's Hill to this day. He died October 3, 1656.



The Last Will and Testament of Captaine Myles Standish. Gent ;
exhibited before the Court held att Plymouth, the 4th of May 1657,
on the oath of Captaine James Cudworth : and ordered to bee
recorded as followeth.

Given under my hand, this March the seventh, 1655.

Witnesseth these prsents that I, Myles Standish Senir. of Dux-
borrow, being in p'fect memory yett deseased in my body, and
knowing the fraile estate of man in his best estate, I doe make this
to bee my last will and testament, in manner and form following.

1. My will is that out of my whole estate my funerall charges be
taken out & my body to be buried in decent manor and if I die att
Duxborrow my body to be layed as neare as conveniently may
be to my two dear daughters Lora Standish my daughter and Mary
Standish my daughter in law.

2. My will is that out of the remaining p'te of my whole estate
that all my just and lawfull debts, which I now owe or att the day
of my death may owe bee paied.

3. Out of what remaines according to the order of this Gourment,
my will is that my dear and loueing wife Barbara Standish shall
have the third p'te.

4. I have given to my son Josias Standish upon his marriage one
} 7 oung horse fiue sheep and two heiffers, which I must vpon that
contract of marriage make forty pounds yett not knowing whether
the estate will bear it att present ; my will is that the resedue
remaine in the whole stocke, and that every one of my four sons
viz. Alexander Standish Myles Standish Josias Standish and
Charles Standish may have forty pounds appeec ; if not that they
may haue proportionable to ye the remaining pte ; bee it more
or lesse.

5. My will is that my eldest son Alexander shall haue a double
share in land.

6. My will is that soe long as they line single that the whole bee
in ptenership betwixt them.

7. I doe ordaine and make my dearly beloued wife Barbara
Standish Alexander Standish Myles Standish and Josias Standish
joynt exequitors of this my last will and testament.

8. I doe by this my will make and appoint my louing frinds
Mr. Timothy Hatherley and Capt. James Cudworth Supervissors of
this my last will and that they wilbee pleased to doe the office of
Christian loue to bee healpfull to my poor wife and children by theire
Christian Counsell and advisse ; and if any difference should arise
which I hope will not ; my will is that my said Supervissors shall
determine the same and that they see that my poor wife shall have
as comfortable maintenance as my poor state will beare the whole
time of her life which if you my loueing frinds pleasse to doe
though neither they nor I shalbee able to reompenc I doe not doubt
that the Lord will.

By mee, Myles Standish.

Further my will is that Marcye Robenson whome I tenderly loue
for her Grandfather's sacke shall haue three pounds in som thing
to goe forward for her two years after my decease which my will
is my overseers shall see performed.

Further my will is that my servant John Irish Junr. haue forty
shillings more then his Couenant which will appeer vpon the Towne
booke alwaies prouided that he continew till the time he couenanted
bee expired in the seruice of my exequitors or any of them with
theire joynt Concent.

By mee, Myles Staudish.
March 7th 1655.

9. I giue vnto my son & heire aparent Alexander Standish all
my lands as heire apparent by lawfull decent in Ormistick Borsconge
Wrightington Maudsley Newburrow Crawston and in the Ile of
Man and given to mee as right heire by lawfull decent but surrup-
tously detained from mee, my great grandfather being a vond or
younger brother from the house of Standish of Standish.

By mee Myles Standish.
March 7th 1655.

Witnesse by mee James Cudworth.
By a second wife, BARBARA, who probably came in the Ann,
1623, he had:

2 i. ALEXANDER, d. 1702. m. first, Sarah Alden ; second,
Mrs. Desire Sherman.

ii. CHARLES. Alive in 1627.

iii. JOHN. Alive in 1627.

iv. MYLES. Boston, d. April 5, 1663. m. Sarah, dau. of
John Winslow, July 19, 1660. Ob. s. p. In 1665 Sarah m. Tobias
Paine ; later m. Richard Middlecott. She died in 1726.

3 v. JOSIAH. d. March 19, 1690. m. first, Mary Dingley ;
second, Sarah Allen.

vi. LORA.
vii. CHARLES."
DWS: from 'Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-III' pages 1743-1744
Miles Standish 1743

four sons viz: Allexander Standish, Myles Standish, Josias Standish and Charles Standish may have forty pounds apiece," to 'my eldest son Allexaner ... a double share in land," and "so long as they live single that the whole be in partnership betwixt them"; 'my dearly beloved wife Barbara Standish, Allexander Standish, Myles Standish and Josias Standish" to be joint executors; 'my loving friends Mr. Timothy Hatherley and Capt James Cudworth" to be supervisors; to "Marcye Robinson whom I tenderly love for her grandfathers sake" £9; to "my servant John Irish Jr.' 40s. beyond what is due him by covenant; and to "my son & heir apparent Allexander Standish all my lands as heir apparent by lawful descent in Ormistick, Borsconge, Wrightington, Maudsley, Newburrow, Crawston and the Isle of Man and given to me as right heir by lawful descent but surruptuously (sic) detained from me my great-grandfather being a second or younger brother from the house of Standish of Standish" [MD 3:153-55, citing PCPR 2:1:87-98].
The inventory of the estate of "Captain Miles Standish gent.." taken 2 December 1656, totalled £958 7s., including "one dwelling house and outhouses with the land thereunto belonging" valued at £140 [MD 3:155-56, citing PCPR 2:1:39-40).
On 4 May 1657 'Mr. Allexander Standish and Mr. Josias Standish do accept of being executors with Mrs. Barbery Standish, their mother, on the estate of Captain Myles Standish, deceased" [PCR 3:114).
On 5 October 1658 confirmation was made of a sale by "Capt. Myles Standish" (with consent of his wife Barbara) to Mr. Thomas Howes of Yarmouth of "a certain farm lying in the liberties of Yarmouth," which had been granted to Standish by the court on 4 March 1650 [MD 19:14249, citing PCLR 2:2:11 J.

BIRTH: By about 1593 based on date of first marriage.
DEATH: Duxbury 3 October 1656 [MD 1:12-13 (and especially footnote on page 12); NEHGR 87:152).
MARRIAGE: (I) By say 1618 Rose _. She died Plymouth 29 January 1620/1 ("January 29 [ 1620/1). Dies Rose, the wife of Captain Standish" [Prince 184)).
(2) By 1624 Barbara _ She died after 6 October 1659 [MD 4:119).
With second wife
i CHARLES, b. say 1624; living 1627; d. by about 1635.
ii ALEXANDER, b. say 1626 (died 6 July 1702 'being about 76 years of age' [NEHGR 87:153]); m. (1) by about 1660 Sarah Alden, daughter of JOHN ALDEN; m. (2) by 1689 as her third husband Desire (Dory) (Sherman) Holmes. daughter of EDWARD DOTY.

1774 Great Migration Begins

in JOHN, b. say 1627; no further record.
iv MYLES, b. say 1629; m. Boston 19 July 1660 Sarah Winslow, daughter of JOHN WINSLOW (BVR 76).
v LORA. b. say 1631; d. by 7 March 1655[/6], unm. (from father's will).
vi JOSIAS, b. say 1633; m. (1) Marshfield 19 December 1654 Mary Dingley [MarVR 1 ]; m. (2) after 1655 Sarah Allen, daughter of Samuel Allen (in his will of 2 August 1669 Samuel Allen bequeathed to 'my son-in-law Josiah Standish' (SPR 6:27]).
vii CHARLES, b. say 1635; living 7 March 1655[/6] (named in father's will); no further record.

COMMENTS: Bradford listed "Capon Myles Standish and Rose his wife" as passengers on the Mayflovxr [Bradford 442). In 1651 Bradford stated that 'Captain Standish his wife died in the first sickness and he married again and hath four sons living and some are dead" [Bradford 445].
Although we have been left with THOMAS MORTON's description of Standish as "Captain Shrimp," Bradford described him in gender terms during the first great sickness:
so as there died sometimes two or three of a day ... that of one hundred & odd persons, scarce fifty remained. And of these in the time of most distress, there was but six or seven sound persons, who, to their great commendations be it spoken, spared no pains, night nor day, but with abundance of toil and hazard of their own health ... did all the homely & necessary offices for them, which dainty & queazy stomachs cannot endure to hear named; and all this willingly & cheerfully, without any grudging in the least, showing herein their true love unto their friends & bretheren. A rare example & worthy to be remembered. Two of these seven were Mr. William Brewster, their Reverend Elder, & Myles Standish, their Captain & military commander, unto whom myself & many others, were much beholden in our low & sick condition" [Bradford 77).
Standish also had a facility with language, but one editor remarked
that "Standish, though 'the best linguist among them,' in the Indian
dialects, was more expert with the sword than the pen" [Young's Pilgrim
Fathers 1151.
Lyford and Oldham, in their derogatory letters to England about the early settlement at Plymouth. said "Captain Standish looks like a silly boy, and is in utter contempt" [Bradford 156).
In a 1623 trip to the area near what would be Boston, Captain Standish warned the men there of the Indians' violent intentions. When a number arrived to trade, Standish boldly faced them down and averted a skirmish. but not without suffering some personal slights:"


DWS: from
place of birth was given as Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA
No Pilgrims landed in MA till 1620.... not valid birth place
date and place of death given as:
Death 29 JAN 1621 in Plymouth Colony, Plymouth Co., MA
DWS: from 'Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-III' pages 1743-1744
"MARRIAGE: (I) By say 1618 Rose _. She died Plymouth 29 January 1620/1 ("January 29 [ 1620/1). Dies Rose, the wife of Captain Standish" [Prince 184))."

John Standish

DWS: from

Christian Lace

DWS: from
shown as:
Christian Lace
Birth 1561 in Isle Man, Lancashire, , England
Death 1624 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
DWS: from
shown as 'Katherine' no surname no dates

Myles Standish

DWS: From Joseph W Porter of Boston in NEHGR 'Register' pg342 July 1895 vol 49
Settled in Preston, CT abt 1687
DWS: from
also found as Miles

Thomas Prence

DWS: from 'Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to N.E. 1620-1633, Vols. I-III' pg 228
Patience Brewster was the first of his 4 wives.
America in 1621 on the ship Fortune, arriving in Plymouth on November 9, 1621
Was governor of Plymouth colony after Governor Bradford died in 1653

Patience Brewster

DWS: From New England Historical & Genealogical Register 1899 pg 111
Came on the 'Ann' in July 1623 to Plymouth, MA.
DWS: from Nathaniel Philbrick's 'Mayflower' Penguin books 2006
died in the 1634 small pox epidemic at Plymouth Colony, MA along with her sister Fear who was married to Isaac Allerton.