Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


Alois J Kreikemeier

DWS: From Allan Hagedorn

Mathilda Marian Klitz

DWS: From Allan Hagedorn

Horace Fuller

DWS: in 1860 census with inlaws at Auburn MA age 31 shoemaker b. in RI

Calista Clark

DWS: LDS IGI web data and 1870 census of father Francis and mother Wealthy
Calista Clarke Female
Father: Franklin Clark
Mother: Wealthy Clark

Spouse: Horace Fuller
Marriage: 15 OCT 1852 Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts

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I011649 Film

Henrietta Fuller

DWS: in 1860 census with parents at Auburn MA age 6

Franklin Fuller

DWS: in 1860 census with parents at Auburn MA age 4

Baxter Clark

DWS: The father of Francis Clark eludes me as of July 2008. Francis and Wealthy named a son Byron Baxter. Was Byron Baxter Clark named after his mother's maiden name which was common many years ago.
Finding a marriage record for Baxter Clark married to Polly Blood in Auburn, MA on May 3, 1797 causes me to think this may be his parents. Polly his possible mother died May 2, 1808 at Auburn. Leaving Baxter Clark a widower who remarried.
DWS: birth rec from Franklin, MA town records pg 17 on NEHGS
DWS: marriage rec from Vital records of Auburn, MA pg 62.
DWS:Date of birth and parentage from LDS pedigree charts
spouses from pedigree charts.
Dates of birth and death from