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Thomas F Costello

DWS: 1900 Fed census Kane, Pottawattamie county, Iowa
T F Costello head b. Sep 1858 Pennsylvania as were parents, marr 16 yrs, was a rail road conductor
Frances Costello wife b. Aug 1865 Illinois, parents, b. Ireland, had 7 ch 5 living
Edward Costello son b. Jan 1886 Nebraska
Walter Costello son b. May 1888 Nebraska
Irene Costello dau b. Mar 1893 Nebraska
Emmet Costello son b. Nov 1895 Nebraska
Helen Costello dau b. Aug 1898 Nebraska
DWS: 1910 Fed census Grand Island city, Hall County, Nebr 22 Apr 1910
Thoma F Cosletta 51 head b. Nebr, fath b. Penn. mother b. Illinois, grocery store
Francis M Cosletta 46 wife b. Illinois, parents both b. Ireland-English, 7 ch 5 living, marr 26 yrs
Edward Cosletta 24 single son b. Nebr, fath b. Penn. mother b. Illinois, salesman at grocery store
Walter Cosletta 21 son
Irene M Cosletta 17 dau
Emmet Cosletta 14 son
Helen Cosletta 11 dau
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Thomas F. Costello
Born 1858- Pittston, PA
Died 11/12/20 -Omaha, NE
Thomas F. married Frances Harnan in 1883.
He was a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad.
DWS: other source had place of birth as: Scranton, Lackawanna Co, PA

Frances M (Fanny) Harnan

DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Frances (Fanny) Harnan
Born 1864- Bloomington, IL
Died 8/22/25 Omaha, NE
Married 10/16/1883"

Edward Frances Costello Jr

DWS: "Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1878-1922"
Name: Edward Frances Costello
Birth Date: 10 Sep 1915
Gender: Male
Race: White
Father's Name: Edward Frances Costello
Father's Birthplace: Grand Island, Nebraska
Father's Age: 28
Mother's Name: Geneva Holland
Mother's Birthplace: Rock Island, Illinois
Mother's Age: 28
GS Film number: 1288357
Digital Folder Number: 4298335
Image Number: 01014
Reference ID: 3618
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Edward F.
Born 9/10/15- Chicago
Died 12/25/71- Albuquerque, NM
Married 1940"

Rose Kelly

DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Rose Kelly
Born 4/3/13- Scotland
Died 2/19/90- Homewood,IL"
"Her father emigrated alone to the USA in the 1920’s."

Robert Holland Costello

DWS: "Illinois, Cook County Birth Certificates, 1878-1922"
Name: Robert Holland Costello
Birth Date: 14 Feb 1917
Birthplace: Chicago
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Edward F Costello
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age: 31
Mother's Name: Geneva Holland
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age: 29
GS Film number: 1276277
Digital Folder Number: 4402550
Image Number: 00061
Reference ID: 5051
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Robert H.
Born 2/14/17- Chicago
Resides in Holmes Beach, FL
Married 1943"
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
Bob wrote this in abt 2000:
"Bob attended De Paul University to receive his undergraduate degree in English. He continued on at Chicago Normal (Chicago State) to complete a Master Degree in Education in 1939. Bob has good memories of working at the New York World's Fair (1939-40) which was based on the theme "The World of Tomorrow."
With the outbreak of World War II, Bob was still single and joined the Army. He was originally stationed stateside but eventually saw duty in France.
Bob served as an Army Captain during the war and received both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.
He married Betty Mullin, while on leave, in 1943. Betty’s family was originally from Grand Island, NE. Her grandfather, Hon. Joseph H. Mullin, served that community for 28 years as County Judge. Betty’s mom, Nell, and Bob’s father, Ed, were friends in Grand Island. When the Mullin’s family moved to Chicago in the early 1930’s, they renewed their friendship.
Betty lived with her mother for the rest of the war. Their first son, Mike, was born in 1944. Upon Bob’s return, they added to their family with the arrival of Bill in 1947. Bob was working for a company that decided to open an office in New York. He worked briefly in New York but returned to Chicago. He took the advice of a fellow parishioner, and scheduled an interview for a loan officer position that was available at Pullman Bank. Bob got the job in 1949 and he started his long career (30 years) at Pullman Bank.
The Pullman Bank has a rich history since it’s founding in 1883 by George M. Pullman’s Pullman Palace Car Company. The bank’s role was to help his employees to put aside a part of their wages in savings. The bank was conveniently located in the Arcade next to the Florence Hotel in the middle of Pullman’s Model Town. Over time, it’s board included many historic figures such as George Pullman, retailer Marshall Field, wealthy industrialist John Crerar, future Illinois Governor Frank Lowden and Robert Todd Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s son).
The bank was extremely successful and moved in 1926 from the Arcade into a newly constructed bank building at 111th Street and South Park Ave. The bank remained solvent through the Great Depression (Quite a feat!). The era after WW II brought tremendous growth and in 1947 the Pullman Company, through government pressure, finally disposed of its stock so that for the first time the bank was not controlled by its creator.
The bank outgrew it’s facilities by the mid 1960’s. The board envisioned a new 80,000-sq. ft. high-rise facility. Under the leadership of its new President, Bob Costello, this vision was brought to reality. On November 18, 1974 the new Heritage Pullman Bank building was opened for business. Pullman Bank continues today as an extremely important business and social asset in the Pullman / Roseland community.
In 1950, Bob and Betty moved to a home in the Ivanhoe neighborhood in Riverdale, IL. Their first daughter, Patricia, arrived in 1951 and was joined by Joan in 1953. Jim (1959) was the last addition. The family remained in Ivanhoe for the next 29 years.
The family faced a difficult and emotional situation. Joan took ill in the late 1960’s. At first they had difficulty in determining the cause. Finally she was diagnosed with Ataxia. As described previously in the family history, “Ataxia is an impairment of the ability to coordinate the muscles that move the body. The impairment can range from slight to severe--from a tendency to overshoot an object when reaching for it or to perform precise tasks, to a great difficulty in walking or in maintaining balance, especially when the eyes are closed. Ataxia is caused by damage to one or more parts of the nervous system responsible for muscle movement--the brain's cerebrum and cerebellum and the spinal cord--rather than to the muscles themselves. The damage may result from a physical injury, a brain tumor, or a degenerative disease of the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis. It may also be associated with measles, smallpox, encephalitis, and other infectious diseases, and it characterizes one form of cerebral palsy.”
Joan continued in school and graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. The disease took its toll and Joan died at the young age of 33.
Bob and Betty retired in 1979. They moved to a home that they purchased in Holmes Beach, FL. They enjoyed over 20 years of retirement together. Bob developed Alzheimer’s in 1998 and passed away on November 5, 2000.
The following information on the siblings is current as of 1997.
Mike is married to Judy and they are long time residents of Minneapolis, MN. They have a family of three children. Mike works in the insurance industry.
Bill and his wife, Jennifer, live in Phoenix, AZ. They also have a family of three children. Bill works for a new company in the automotive industry, AutoNation.
Pat and Jeff Slovak live in Oak Park, IL with their two children. Pat is a Partner in a law firm that specializes in corporate labor relations.
Jim is married to Jacki. Jim is an accountant and works in the banking industry. Presently, he commutes daily to the Chicago Loop. Their home is in Crete, IL."

George Clifford Johnson

DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"George Clifford Johnson
Born 5/21/10- Morris, IL
Died 12/15/72- Blue Island, IL"

Rita Jean Costello

DWS: Cook County, Illinois, Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1922 about Reita Jean Costello
Name: Reita Jean Costello
Birth Date: 21 Jul 1919
Birth Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Gender: Female
Father Name: Edward F Costello
Father's Age: 33
Mother Name: Genevive Holland
Mother's Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Mother's Age: 32
FHL Film Number: 1308892
DWS: 1920 census had her as Reda Jean
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013 pub 2000
"Rita Jean (Johnson)
Born 7/21/19- Chicago
Died 3/29/79- Crestwood, IL
Married 9/30/44"
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
Bob wrote this in abt 2000:
"Rita attended De Paul Business school for one year. She decided to leave school and to seek secretarial work. Rita worked for the Santa Fe Railroad at their offices on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago. In 1941, Rita met her future husband, George Clifford Johnson, on her daily commute to work. He was the busdriver. During World War II, Rita continued to work, while Cliff served in the Coast Guard.
Cliff was stationed on a fireboat based in Norfolk, VA. His duty was very uneventful. As a matter of fact, the only fire they were called out to fight was extinguished before they could arrive. The boat’s engine had failed.
Cliff and Rita were married in 1944 at Holy Rosary (Irish) Church in Roseland and then Rita moved to Norfolk to be with Cliff.
With their return after the war, they moved into an apartment at 1144 W. Marquette Rd in Englewood ($30.00 per month rent). Cliff returned to his job as a busdriver for South Suburban Safeway Lines.
Their family started with the arrival of Ruth Ann (1947) followed by Robert (1950). The family moved to Steger, IL in 1952. Richard (1953) was born there. The family moved again in 1955, when Cliff and Rita purchased an older three flat at 12505 Maple Ave. in Blue Island, IL.
The family history took a turn when Rita suffered a mild stroke at the early age of 41 in 1960. The stroke did not permanently disable her. It did though create a fear that slowed her life. For the remainder of her life she continued to be treated for high blood pressure and eventually developed adult diabetes.
Rita and Cliff both lived and worked through the Great Depression. At the age of 21, Cliff had become the de facto head of his family when his father could not hold a job anymore. Cliff had to find a means to support his parents and his five younger siblings on just a sixth grade education. With their life experiences, Cliff and Rita both placed a great emphasis on education.
Ruth Ann has earned a BA degree in Theology and two Master degrees. One of her goals is to become a priest in the Episcopal Church. Presently she is single and lives in Blue Island, IL.
Bob married Nancy Biersmith in 1977. He worked for 22 years selling computer systems. Bob and Nancy now live in New Mexico.
Richard married Susan Nubauer in 1984. They originally lived in New Lenox, IL but moved to Midlothian before the birth of their first child.
They have four children, Jeff (1986), Katie (Feb. 1989), Kevin (Dec. 1989) and Tim (1992). (Katie and Kevin are “Irish Twins”) Dick is a CPA and works for a credit union in Joliet, IL.
Cliff had a history of high blood pressure and adult diabetes. He died suddenly in 1972 at the age of 62. While working his bus route, he had a massive heart attack. He died instantly.
In 1974, Rita took a job at National Ben Franklin Insurance where Ruth Ann was working. She worked until 1978 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Rita (59) lost the fight with cancer and died in 1979 at the Crestwood Nursing Home in Crestwood, IL.
Both Cliff and Rita are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Worth, IL."

Joseph J Grady

DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Joseph Grady
Born 4/1/25
Remarried and lived
in Orland Park, IL"
DWS: Soc Sec Death recs died 2 May 2003 Orland Park, IL

Neva Delores Costello

DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
"Neva Delores (Grady)
Born 3/21/26- Chicago
Died 1/7/91- Palos Heights, IL
Married 1948"
DWS: from Bob Johnson pdf supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013
Bob wrote this in abt 2000:
"Neva first met Joe Grady in 1941 while on her busride to school at the age of 15. Neva attended high school at The Academy of Our Lady while Joe was a student at St. Rita. After graduation, Neva went on to Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI. She graduated in 1947 with a BS in Chemistry.
Joe joined the Army Air Corp during World War II. He injured his eardrum in an airplane simulator. This grounded his efforts at being a pilot. He remained stateside for the remainder of the War. After the War in 1946, he started his career in the insurance industry.
After Neva’s graduation, she returned home to live with her mother at 10637 South Park Ave in the Roseland neighborhood. In 1948, Neva and Joe were married and for the next year they lived with Geneva. They moved to Dolton in 1949. Geneva also moved with them.
They started their family with Geri in 1952. And continued with Colleen (1953), T.J. (1956), Patrick (1957) and Maureen (1958). In 1959, the family, including Geneva, made a move to a new home in Chicago Heights. It was located at 90 Judith Lane. After the move, Neva and Joe continued to expand their family with the addition of Kathleen (1960), Janet (1961), Pidge (1962) and Meg (1964)
Neva and Joe were very active in the Catholic Church. The local Catholic School needed help, so Neva offered to teach science at St. Kierans Grammar School in 1970. For many years she rotated as the science teacher for the 6-7-8 grades. In 1988, she started to teach 4th graders exclusively.
Joe had a long career in the insurance business. He commuted daily to the Chicago Loop for work. He worked 29 years for Security Mutual. Joe worked primarily in the claims adjustment area. He worked later for North American Property and Casualty (3 yrs), George F. Brown (3 yrs) and finally CNA (8 yrs). Joe retired in 1991 after 45 years in the industry.
Neva was a heavy smoker and she developed lung cancer in late 1990. It spread quickly and Neva (64) died on January 7, 1991. She was interned at Assumption Cemetery in Glenwood, IL.
Joe retired from full time work in June of 1991. He married Eileen Harmon Scheen on Sept. 14, 1991. They moved to Orland Park, IL. Joe keeps busy by freelancing several days a week in the insurance industry.
The Grady children are into many professions:
Geri is a Special Education teacher. She is married to Mike Kelly. Their family of four children keeps them very busy. Geri and Mike live at 123 Judith Lane in Chicago Heights.
Colleen has retired from management at CNA Insurance. She presently works as a pre-school assistant at St. Kieran’s. Colleen is married to Bill Russell. They have two children. She also resides on Judith Lane in Chicago Heights.
T.J. is a police officer in Tinley Park, IL. He took up the tradition of his Grandfather Grady who was a long time police officer in Chicago. T.J. and his wife, Trish, have a family of three children.
Patrick lives out of state in Texas. Pat and his wife, Lisa, have one son. Pat works as an Investment V.P. for an insurance company.
Maureen is retired from Palos Hospital. She still works part time at the hospital plus teaches several nursing courses at Prairie State. She is married to Tony Perovich. They have a family of two children. Maureen was with Rita the last time I saw my mother alive. Rita was eating White Castles that Maureen brought her. I still don’t think there was a direct connection, but people love death conspiracy theories.
Kathleen Roesch lives in Phoenix, AZ. She has completed her COTA Degree and works as a Physical Therapist. She has a family of three children. Kathy went through the tragic loss of her daughter, Erin, in 1984. Erin was stricken with childhood leukemia. The tragedy brought home to the extended family how fragile a child’s life can be.
Janet Lexsa has two children. Janet has little contact with the family and lives in Indiana.
Pidge is single and works in downtown Chicago. She is with CNA Insurance. Fifty years from now, Pidge’s name will be the perfect family trivia question. What is Pidge’s real Christian Name?
Meg is the youngest and she is married to Kurt Finchum. They are raising their one child in the “Old Homestead”. Meg and Kurt purchased 90 Judith Lane after her father re-married. Meg is also a Downtowner. She works for CNA Insurance as an Executive Secretary."

John Dwyer

DWS: 1861 Canada Census of West Nissouri, Middlesex, Canada West
this is a part of London, Ontario, Canada today.
Canada officially became a country in 1867 and the first national census wasn’t held until 1871.
Censuses of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were made from 1851.
age shown is 'age at next birthday'
Stephen Dwyer M 30 b. Ireland, Roman Catholic, Laborer
Hannora Dwyer F 30 b. Ireland, Roman Catholic
John Dwyer 7 M b. Canada, Roman Catholic
Robert Dwyer 4 M b. Canada, Roman Catholic
Ann Dwyer 4 F b. Canada, Roman Catholic
Bridget Dwyer 1 F b. Canada, Roman Catholic
it must be assumed that John is their son
Bridget is Winnifred per other researchers
the dates of birth for Stephen vary from 1827 - 1831
They lived in a single family, single story log home 3 males, 3 females
DWS: this Bob Johnson's family history pdf was supplied by Sharon Lamberton to DWS 6 July 2013.
This was written abt 2000.
"John married Emma Buchanan and moved to Beatrice, NE. He was the mayor of Beatrice when he died."

Franz Lorenz II

DWS: from tree of user: ann

Judith Marie Von Arx

DWS: from tree of user: ann

Anton Burvenich

DWS: viewed online death certificate image :
Missouri State Board of Health
retired druggist
DWS: 1920 Fed census St Joseph ward 4, Buchanan county, Missouri 5 Jan 1920
Anton Burvenich 67 head b. Florsheim, germany, immig 1858, proprietor drug store
Julia Burvenich 64 wife b. Missouri
Robert Dorsey 30 Son-in-law b. Missouri, parents both b. Ireland, trav salesman, Biscuit Co
Marie Dorsey 26 dau married b. Missouri
Elizabeth Louise Dorsey 1 8/12 granddaughter
Oscar Burvenich 24 son single b. Missouri

John A Stulga

DWS: 1940 Fed census Chicago Ward 17, Cook county, IL Apr 1940
in her parents census as single child
John Stulga 55 head, b. Lithuania, lived same place in 1935, proprietor tavern
Anna Stulga 42 wife, b. Lithuania
Josephine Stulga dau 19, single, 4 yr H.S. b. Illinoism dental assistant
John Stulga 11 son, b. Illinois