Selected Schueth_Rice_Families and Individuals


Mary (Mamie) Mescher

DWS: 1900 fed census Oakland twp, Boone, Nebraska 7 July 1900
as a child with parents
Fred Messchier 51 b. Aug 1848 Germany, marr 23 yrs, immig 1892, farmer
Anna Messchier 41 wife b. Sept 1858 Germany, marr 23 yrs, 6 ch 6 living, immig 1892
Fred Messchier 20 son b. Oct 1879 Germany, single
Henry Messchier 19 son b. Nov 1881 Germany, single
Ernest (is Agnes) Messchier 17 dau b. May 1873 Germany, single
Elizabeth Messchier 13 dau b. Nov 1886 Germany
Bernard Messchier 10 son. b. Apr 1890 Germany
Mary Messchier 5 dau Dec 1894 Iowa
Antone Messchier 2 son b. Apr 1898 Iowa
DWS: 1910 Fed census Oakland, Boone, Nebraska
living with parents
Fred Mescher 61 head, farmer, marr 32 yrs, b. Germany immig 1892
Agness Mescher 51 wife, marr 32 yrs 9 ch 9 living
Henry Mescher 28 son b. Germany
Ben Mescher 19 son b. Germany
Mary Mescher 16 dau b. Iowa
Tony Mescher 12 son b. Iowa
Clara Mescher 9 dau b. Nebr
John Mescher 6 son b. Nebr
Tony Mescher 50 (? should be 60) brother single b. Germany immig 1877

Francis Arnold Fangman Fangmann

DWS: from family tree of user: vngrote
DWS: 1850 Fed census Dist 7, Dubuque county, Iowa
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John Fangman 28 m Laborer b. Germany
Mary Dorotha Fangman 34 f b. Germany
Mary Ann Fangman 5 f b. Germany

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Francis A Fangman 36 m farmer, b. Germany
Mary A Fangman 26 f b. Germany
John F Fangman 1 m b. Iowa

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DWS: 1850 Fed census Dist 7, Dubuque county, Iowa
John Fangman 58 m Lawyer b. Germany
Joseph Willingbring 16 m laborer b. Germany
DWS: 1856 Iowa state census New Wine, Dubuque Co, IA
Francis A Fangman 42
Mary Fangman 32
John F Fangman 8
DWS: 1860 Fed census New Wine, Dubuque Co, IA
F A Fangman 45 m farmer b. Oldenberg
Anna Fangman 34 f b. Oldenberg
Frederick Fangman 11 m b. Iowa
Anna Fangman 9 f b. Iowa
Clements Fangman 6 m b. Iowa
Elisabeth Fangman 3 f b. Iowa
John Fangman 70 m not working b. Oldenberg
Clements Willingborg 33 farm laborer b. Oldenberg

Mary Carolin Hellman Hellmann

DWS: from family tree of user: vngrote